Drake & Rihanna Keeping Their Dating Life Secret: ‘They Want To Do It Right’

Rumors have been circulating about Drake and Rihanna’s reconciliation for weeks, and now sources close to the couple are revealing just why they’re keeping their relationship so private this time around.

According to People, Rihanna and Drake are still keeping their dating life on the down low following their most recent reconciliation because both are determined to make their relationship last this time around after years of being on and off as a couple.

“They have been keeping it a secret because this time around, they want to do it right and keep their relationship private,” an insider close to the couple told the site.

Another insider also spoke out about the current status of Drake and Rihanna’s relationship to the site, confirming that the two are “still dating” but admitted that “things get more serious when they’re in the same place.”

Drake and Rihanna have yet to officially confirm that they’re dating again, though things most definitely appeared to be heating up between them after Rihanna recently made a surprise appearance alongside Drake at OVO fest in Toronto, Canada.

Rihanna and Drake got seriously close on the stage while performing their hits “Too Close” and “Work” together, and they didn’t appear to be too worried about letting on about their dating reconciliation.

Fan-captured footage from the performance even showed Rihanna affectionately refer to Drake as “baby” while he even joked about starting a family with the “This Is What You Came For” singer.

According to Us Weekly, Drake told Rihanna during a performance of “Too Close,” “You showed up two nights in a row for my city, you might have to go half on a baby.”

Drake then continued to gush over his rumored girlfriend during their festival appearance, telling the crowd, “Y’all better make some motherf****** noise for Rihanna,” before referring to the star as being “the greatest entertainer in the world.”

“[She’s] looking good doing it too,” Drake then added of Rihanna.

The two then took their love fest to social media after the show, both gushing over each other on Instagram.

Drake posted two shots of himself and Rihanna getting pretty close while hitting the stage, including one photo of the two hugging after their performance and another snap of Drake with his hands on Rihanna’s booty as they sung “Work.”

Rihanna also shared a photo from the performance, thanking Drake in the caption.

“Toronto y’all always so good to me!!! Bare shellings at #OVOFest man! Thank you [Drake] for making sure I was there this year,” Rihanna captioned a shot of herself on the OVO stage amid the rampant dating reports.

Drake and Rihanna didn’t do much to hide their admiration for each other when they hit the stage, though E! News is reporting that Rihanna still isn’t ready to settle down and be in a serious relationship with Drake just yet.

“Things are great and their connection is really strong,” a source close to Rihanna recently told the site of her resurrected dating life with Drake, adding that she’s reluctant to get serious.

Why Drake & Rihanna Are Keeping Their Dating Life Secret, 'They Want To Do It Right'

“They both care about each other and are having a good time spending time with each other,” E! News’ insider said of how Rihanna and Drake’s relationship is progressing.

“Drake would make her his girlfriend in a second if he could,” the source continued. “Drake has expressed to Rihanna that he only wants to date her and only her, but she wants to take day by day this time around.”

What do you think of reports claiming that Drake and Rihanna have opted to keep their relationship private? Do you think Rihanna is reluctant to settle down?

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