GPS Shoes Will Lead You Home, Just Click Your Heels Three Times

A new pair of GPS shoes will point you in the direction of home if you just click your heels three times and say “there’s no place like home.”

Ok, you don’t actually have to say Dorothy’s famous phrase, but shoe maker Dominic Wilcox definitely had the Wizard of Oz in mind when he designed his GPS Shoes. Wilcox nicknamed the shoes the “No Place Like Home” shoes after Dorothy’s famous line, and the shoes do indeed lead you back to your front door.

According to ABC, the heel in the left show holds a small GPS unit that can be programmed with your home address. You activate the system by clicking your heels together three times. Once activated, a series of LED lights on the top of the shoe point you in the direction of home.

Wilcox said:

“I thought about the ‘Wizard of Oz’ and Dorothy and how she clicks her heels three times to get home … I thought, ‘Is it possible to make that real in some way using the technology that we have?’”

The GPS shoes exist, but they aren’t heading to stores anytime soon. Wilcox made one pair for the London Design Festival and still says that the shoes are a work in progress.

Here’s a video about the new shoes from Mashable.

Would you like to own a pair of GPS Shoes?