CERN LHC Accidentally Opened Time Portal, Caused Iberworld Airbus A330-300 To Time Travel 5,500 Miles Across The World [Conspiracy Theory]

JohnThomas Didymus

According to conspiracy theorists, a series of experiments conducted at CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) facility in Switzerland, as part of preparations for restarting the machine in November, 2009, triggered an "anomalous event" that generated a "time warp." And as the "time warp" or "time wave" reverberated across the planet through ancient pyramid complexes in South America, it crossed the path of a jetliner in flight and transported it, in an instant, to a location thousands of miles away.

The "time warp" or "time wave" also caused a massive black out across South America that plunged millions of people into darkness.

The bizarre report appears to have originated from the notorious conspiracy theory website What Does It Mean? The website has been the source of some of the internet's weirdest conspiracy theories concocted by a mysterious writer, Sorcha Faal, who claims access to privileged intelligence sources within the Kremlin.

According to the conspiracy theorist, in November 1, 2009, an "interesting report circulating in the Kremlin" claimed that an Iberworld Airbus A330-300, flight A7-301, with about 170 passengers on board, was transported in an instant about 5,500 miles from over Santa Cruz, Bolivia, where it was preparing to land, to Tenerife North Airport (formerly Los Rodeos Airport) on the island of Tenerife, near the capital city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

When scientists realized that their LHC experiments had generated an unexpected "time warp" or "gravitational wave," they hurriedly shut down the LHC and tried to cover up the reason for the unscheduled shutdown by claiming it was caused by a bird that dropped a piece of bread on an outdoor machinery at the facility, according to Freedom Fighter Times.

Despite desperate efforts to cover-up the incident and keep the public in the dark, the fact that the LHC had accidentally opened a time portal and transported a plane thousands of miles off course in an instant, caused so much excitement among CERN scientists that the director of Research and Scientific Computing at CERN could not resist announcing the "breakthrough" triumphantly.

He said in a statement shortly after the incident that scientists may have discovered a previously unknown natural phenomenon that could be an "extra dimension."

According to conspiracy theorists, scientists discovered that the "time warp" was caused by distortions of the Earth's magnetic field as a result of the LHC experiments. The magnetic field distortions triggered a "time wave" that was propagated to the planet's magnetic core after "rippling through" thousands of ancient pyramid complexes in South America.

The "time warp" traveled from the LHC towards the Gate of the Sun in the Andes Mountains in Bolivia and then out to space over South America.

[Note: The Gate of the Sun refers to the 9.8 feet high and 13 feet wide megalithic stone arch in the Lake Titicaca area near La Paz in Bolivia. It was built by the Tiwanaku/Tiahuanaco 1,500 years ago. It is believed to have astrological or astronomical significance. Many conspiracy theorists believe it may have been a stargate portal.]

Fortunately, all 170 passengers and the crew landed safely at the airport in Spain. The plane later took off from the island and reached its original destination in Bolivia.

A day after the incident, scientists at CERN shut down the LHC and announced the shutdown was caused by a bird that dropped "a piece of baguette" on machinery at the facility.

But even after the LHC was shut down, its effect continued to propagate, according to conspiracy theorists. It generated "dimensional distortions" that sent out signals similar to "digital communications" in the direction of ancients sites, such as the pyramids in the South American continent and Egypt.

But as part of a global cover-up, the news media did not tell the truth about what actually happened to the Airbus flight on November 1, 2009. News reports said little about the circumstances surrounding the landing at Santa Cruz in Tenerife, instead of Santa Cruz in Bolivia.

The Brazilian government released a vague statement that the blackout was caused by "atmospheric discharges related to strong rain and wind" at the Itaipu hydroelectric dam, according to conspiracy theorists.

The CERN LHC, the world's most powerful particle collider, housed inside an underground 27-kilometer tunnel near the border of Switzerland with France, has been the subject of weird conspiracy theories since it officially commenced operations on March 30, 2010.

The portal could swallow up our world or open a door to malevolent invaders from a parallel universe, according to conspiracy theorists.

But CERN officials have tried to allay fears, saying that the energy levels at which the experiments are being conducted are not high enough to threaten or destroy our world. Scientists say the experiments are intended to benefit mankind by increasing our understanding of the constitution of our universe at the fundamental level.

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