Fukkacumi: A Real Life Anime Girl

Fukkacumi, the Ukraine’s real life anime girl, may be proof that the trend of going to extreme lengths to look like characters in the Japanese cartoons has gotten out-of-hand. Anastasiya Shpagina now goes by the Japanese named she created to match her new look and style. Chinese model Tina Leopard also recently rose to online fame after she too donned a similar appearance.

Anastasiya Shpagina has been called “the new Barbie” by multiple media outlets. She is reportedly not thrilled with the comparison to a doll.

On her VKontakte profile page, she had this to say:

“I am not like a doll, a doll is like me.”

As a child, long before she created the Fukkacumi moniker, little Anastasiya loved to look in the mirror and experiment with make-up. As time went on, she developed a love for Japanese cartoons and soon began using her make-up skills to transform herself into an anime girl. Slapping on some face paint was presumably not enough of a transformation for Shpagina; she is reportedly attempting to lose enough weight to appear more like a genuine rendition of her beloved Japanese cartoon characters.

During interviews on Ukranian television shows and with newspapers, she noted that a lot of people are freaked out by her looks when she passes them on the streets of her hometown in Odessa. The aspiring hairdresser also added that she really enjoys bumping into Japanese tourists, who typically attempt to talk to her but don’t speak Russian.

Thousands of Chinese teens have posted images of themselves on the Internet posing in anime hairstyles and make-up. Apparently the appearance altering trend sweeping across China has now taken hold in Eastern Europe as well. Londoner Venus Angelic became an international sensation after making YouTube videos of herself looking like a living Japanese doll, according to Oddity Central. Kotakoti, also known as Dakota Rose, was perhaps the first American to gain notoriety for her doll-like attributes.