Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge Reveals Song Meanings, Reasons For Leaving Band In New Documentary

Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge has opened up about his former band’s song meanings and the reasons for his leaving the prominent pop-punk trio in a new documentary feature. The upcoming installment of Ernie Ball: The Pursuit of Tone includes DeLonge uncovering the inspirations that sparked Blink-182 hits such as “Stay Together for the Kids” and his contemporary rock project Angels & Airwaves’ “The Adventure.” Watch the official trailer below.

Set to air exclusively on DirecTV’s Audience Music channel at 8 p.m. ET on August 19, the new episode of the AT&T original series will delve into Tom’s motivation for quitting Blink-182 while exploring the singer-songwriter’s artistic basis for some of his defining compositions. Although DeLonge has previously disclosed certain aspects of his Blink departure, the special broadcast promises to further probe the dramatic dissolution.

Alternative Press highlighted Tom DeLonge’s Blink-182 song “Stay Together for the Kids,” the aforementioned Take Off Your Pants and Jacket single that hit No. 7 on Billboard’s Alternative chart. Blink’s adolescent anthem of paternal frustration and a desperate call for reconciliation, the song is apt for Blink and Tom’s current situation.

Describing the song’s inception for the documentary produced by musical instruments company Ernie Ball, DeLonge divulges his parents’ divorce as the germ for the track. As the erstwhile Blink guitarist strums along to the tune in the exclusively previewed AltPress clip, Tom details the discovery of his own folks’ split at the age of 18, recounting the Blink-182 song’s universal exhortation to similarly afflicted youth.

“I think we hit on something that sounded like adolescents lashing out over being caught in the middle of a storm that they had no control of.”

Blink-182's 'Good Morning America' performance features new guitarist Matt Skiba.
As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge was replaced with former Alkaline Trio founder Matt Skiba last year. Last week, DeLonge hinted online of an urge to reconnect with his one-time Blink bandmates. Apparently reaching out to drummer Travis Barker and singer-bassist Mark Hoppus, Tom posted a photo on Instagram of Blink’s “smiley face” symbol tattooed within an Angels & Airwaves Love logo.

A subject frequently covered in the media, DeLonge’s exit of Blink-182 was widely reported to be directly related to the musician’s interest and studies into the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Taken by some as a foolish and futile concern, the songwriter behind 1999’s “Aliens Exist” is serious about his otherworldly pursuit.

In a recent interview with Mic, DeLonge spoke to the subject’s impact on his foundational thoughts:

“This type of material [is] a lot more than just science and technology. It has to do with religion and cosmology and it has to do with politics and secrecy. So it’s a pretty fantastic ride when you start studying this stuff. You’ll find yourself trying to challenge your belief system.”

While Tom DeLonge’s Blink-182 egress has caused a devotional rift among ardent fans of the band, most Blink adherents appear to agree in eagerness for the return of Tom’s droll humor and rare musicianship to the band. Although Skiba is a fitting replacement for the quondam co-frontman, sentiment among Blink-ophiles exhibits a nostalgic pining for rapprochement among Tom and his bygone Blinkers.

Will the upcoming Pursuit of Tone feature on DeLonge offer “A New Hope” in resolution between Tom and Blink? Blink-182 seem to be doing quite well without the former guitarist, hitting No. 1 on the Billboard 200 with their first DeLonge-less album, California, and setting off on an extensive U.S. tour this summer.

What do you make of this post-Tom DeLonge Blink-182 plane of existence? Would you want Tom to return to Blink or do you prefer Matt Skiba in Tom’s place? Hit us up with your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Photo by Katy Winn/AP Images]