Lee Jong Suk And Han Hyo Joo Stills From Korean Drama ‘W’ Episode 5

MBC recently released stills showing heartthrobs Lee Jong Suk and Lee Tae Hwan working up a sweat as well as images featuring Han Hyo Joo in Episode 5. The stars of the Korean drama W are seen practicing MMA in a scene that is featured on today’s episode.

W Episode 5, according to Soompi, is going to be an emotional episode where Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo’s characters meet in the real world. Unfortunately, you will have to wait for the English-subtitled version the next day.

Warning: W Episode 4 spoilers ahead.

In Episode 4, Kang Chul’s meets with Ajusshi before his business trip. He gets his manhwa introduction, and his name is Sohn Hyun-seok. He’s Lee Jong Suk’s character’s dad’s good friend, who runs that crime investigation TV show that Kang Chul who is a media mogul wanted to purchase the broadcast station for. Ajusshi quizzes him about his relationship with Oh Yeon Joo, but Chul doesn’t give him anything. For a full recap, read the rest at Dramabeans.com.

Lee Jong Suk, who plays the wealthy Kang Chul in the last episode of W, found out that he’s the main character of a webtoon and then comes out to the real world. New stills for Episode 5 show Kang Chul meeting Oh Yeon Joo at the hospital where she works.

More stills released show Kang Chul adjusting to the real world, and he seems to be stunned by it all. Stills show him walking in the rain and taking it all in. In Episode 5, fans find out what happens when Kang Chul meets up with Oh Yeon Joo, who is played by the beautiful Han Hyo-Joo.

As for the MMA scene, this is a flashback, and it shows fans how Kang Chul and Seo Do Yoon first met. Seo Do Yoon teaches Kang Chul how to fight using mixed martial arts, and they form a bond through a teacher-student relationship.

W is surging in the ratings department, overtaking SBS’ Doctors and KBS’ Uncontrollably Fond, which airs on the same day.

W was released in July and went viral. The show’s webtoon fantasy concept mixed with romantic drama stars Han Hyo Joo as Oh Yeon-Joo, a surgeon in her 30s who goes between the real world and the alternate world.

The fantasy world is known as “W” and was created by Oh Yeon Joo’s cartoonist father. She then meets and falls in love with the handsome media mogul Kang Chul, played by Lee Jong-Suk.


Lee Jong Suk’s character is popular among fans of W. The actor is set to meet fans next month.

Yibada reports, “The South Korean celebrity’s upcoming fan meeting has been titled ‘Variety’ and will kick-off on Sept. 10 in eastern Seoul’s Olympic Park. Jong Suk is set to show different sides of himself in the upcoming ‘Variety’ fan meetings. Loyal fans from other Asian countries such as Japan and China will also get the chance to see the actor. Apart from the Seoul fan meeting, the actor will hold similar events in other countries across Asia in the coming months.”

Twenty-six-year-old actor Lee Jong-suk is also a South Korean model. He burst onto the scene as a runway model and quickly developed a female fanbase. He also made history as the youngest male model ever to grace the Seoul Collection program for Seoul Fashion Week.

He has earned many awards for his performance in the popular drama Pinocchio, which ran for 20 episodes. He won Top Excellence Award in the male category in the 8th Korea Drama Awards, and the SBS Special Award at the SBS Drama Awards for his acting in both Pinocchio and Doctor Stranger.

[Photo by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images]