‘Days Of Our Lives’: Nicole Confides In Chloe – Will Nadia Bjorlin’s Character Have An Abortion? [Spoilers]

'Days Of Our Lives': Nicole Confides In Chloe – Will Nadia Bjorlin’s Character Have An Abortion? [Spoilers]

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal a lot of drama for the residents of Salem. What can fans expect on Thursday’s episode of the NBC soap opera? For one, Nicole Walker will confide in her friend. However, will Chloe Lane announce her pregnancy, or will she have an abortion? How will Deimos feel about all of this?

Days of Our Lives spoilers are ahead. If you do not want to know what is going to happen with Nicole, Deimos, and Chloe, then stop reading.

So far this week on the long-running soap opera, Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin) has discovered she is pregnant. Since Deimos Kiriakis (Vincent Irizarry) is the only man she has been with, he has to be the father.

A baby is usually happy news, but in this case, it is filled with complications and doubt. As Days of Our Lives fans know, Deimos is trying to win back Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker).

According to TV Guide’s description for Thursday’s episode, expect Chloe Lane’s stress levels to rise. On August 4, Nicole will confide in her friend. She will most likely be discussing Deimos. This will definitely be an awkward conversation. Will Chloe tell Nicole that she is pregnant with Deimos’ baby, or will she keep it a secret and get an abortion?

She Knows revealed DOOL spoilers for this week. On Thursday, Deimos and Nicole will become intimate. As for Chloe, she will tell Philip Kiriakis that she is pregnant. No mention was made of anyone else except Philip knowing the baby news, but they will eventually find out. It was stated that Chloe will consider getting an abortion.

Knowing Chloe, she will discuss the pregnancy with Deimos. Some women would have an abortion without saying a word, but Chloe doesn’t seem to be that type of person. However, Deimos seems to be the villain who always wanted a family (after his revenge, of course).

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, he seemed genuinely concerned about Tate’s kidnapping, bonded instantly with Parker, and wanted to make things easier for Chloe, who is a single parent. Being the newest bad boy of Salem, Deimos doesn’t seem like father material, but it seems that parenthood might be one of his secret desires. Something he never had an opportunity to do because of his time in prison.

If this Days of Our Lives theory is accurate, then there is no way he will want Chloe to have an abortion. He will do everything in his power to have that child. However, what about Nicole Walker? Vincent Irizarry’s character also wants his love interest and will even proclaim his love for her. This is a complicated situation that will probably get messier in the coming weeks.

Other Days of Our Lives spoilers regarding Deimos have to do with his family. Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston) took his deal, but he would not accept his apology. It was clear that Victor has no interest in mending the broken relationship with his brother. Others in the family also don’t trust Deimos, including Sonny (Freddie Smith).

Are Deimos’ intentions genuine? Probably not, but he might not really be as bad as viewers think. After spending 30 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, Deimos was angry and wanted vengeance. A lot of people would feel the same way. However, this former bad boy is just trying to get Nicole’s heart. It may last for a short time, but that’s it. Once someone crosses him, like Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow), Deimos will turn back into Salem’s wicked villain.

What do you think will happen with Deimos, Nicole, and Chloe? Will Nadia Bjorlin’s character tell her friend about the baby? Will the singer get an abortion? How will Kiriakis feel about all of this and what does the future hold for Nicole on Days of Our Lives?

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