Tom Hiddleston Leaves Taylor Swift, Heads Back To Australia Solo?

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift have gone their separate ways, but luckily for Hiddleswift fans, the couple have not split.

Although Tom Hiddleston recently left town after spending the last week with Swift at her home in Beverly Hills, he didn’t do so due to the ongoing rumors regarding her feuds with Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and now, Justin Bieber. Instead, he was simply tending to his career duties.

“Taylor Swift has left [Tom Hiddleston]’s side to oversee her latest lifestyle upgrade,” a source told Hollywood Life on August 2. “Tom boarded an international flight late last night — presumably back to Australia to continue working on his latest film. Taylor is days away from moving into a new Beverly Hills mansion, blocks away from her old home. She left Tom’s side and stayed in Beverly Hills to manage last minute details before she makes the move final.”

According to the report, the singer purchased a $25 million home last year, which boasts six bedrooms and five bathrooms and sits on 2 acres of land, and ever since, she has been hard at work on renovations.

“Taylor’s mother and family have been around through the whole process helping with design choices,” the insider said.

While it is unclear when Swift will move into her new home, one thing is for sure: Tom Hiddleston will be a regular visitor.

“[Tom Hiddleston] will certainly enjoy visiting her in the new home, as it also has a theater to watch his movies, a quiet library, tennis court, pool and lots of gardens,” the source claimed.

Tom Hiddleston began dating the singer in June, and in the weeks since their relationship began, the couple have been spotted together in Italy, the U.K., Australia and around the United States. They’ve also met one another’s parents, Swift after traveling to the U.K. and Hiddleston in Nashville, Tennessee.

In recent weeks, Swift has dealt with tons of backlash after Kardashian released a video on SnapChat, which featured the singer chatting with her husband, West, about his song “Famous.” In the clip, it was seemingly proved that Swift lied about her knowledge of the song’s lyrics, which claimed West had made her famous.

Although Swift has remained silent in regard to the feud, a source days ago claimed she was channeling her emotions, both good and bad, into her songwriting. And in addition to writing about her split from Calvin Harris and drama with other celebrities, Swift will reportedly include details of her new love with Tom Hiddleston.

“[Tom Hiddleston]’s love has been great for Taylor and he has been a great source of creative energy for her,” an insider told Hollywood Life. “He listens to all her musical ideas and has been encouraging her as she writes new lyrics for songs — and she has lots to write about. The whole process has been easy for her as long as Tom is around. He really has been a new muse for Taylor.”

As Swift focuses on her new home and upcoming music, which Hollywood Life suspected may be out by the end of this year, Tom Hiddleston continues to focus on his career as he films Thor 3 in Australia, and while there have been rumors claiming Swift and their romance have had a negative impact on Hiddleston’s career, Gossip Cop has denied the recent reports.

Tom Hiddleston was most recently spotted with Swift last week during a dinner date in Santa Monica, California.

[Photo by Eamonn McCormack/Getty Images]