Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Divorce Rumor: Split Could Already Be Set Into Motion As Couple Living Separate Lives

Angelina Jolie could be headed for a divorce from Brad Pitt, with reports that tensions and fighting has torn the two apart completely.

The embattled couple has reportedly been on the rocks for many months now, with insiders saying that Brad and Angelina have separately grown tired of each other and the constant bickering. But there may now be signs that the divorce is being set into motion, as Celeb Dirty Laundry noted this week that the couple appears to have already gone their separate ways.

“Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have not been photographed together for months now, which is of course leading to the speculation that their marriage might be on the rocks. Brad Pitt has been spotted flying in and out of LAX, JFK and Heathrow with his wife no where in sight, which is rather out of character for the image-obsessed actress.”

The divorce rumors surrounding Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt seem to be intensifying in recent weeks. Back in June, a report from In Touch claimed that their marriage had fallen apart completely, deteriorating to the point that Brad and Angelina were barely speaking anymore.

Celeb Dirty Laundry was again on the story and shared details on the alleged break-up, which had some curious timing.

“According to In Touch’s inside sources, Brad and Angelina are all but over. The tipster dishes, ‘Brad and Angelina are completely in divorce mode and at a point where they barely speak to each other unless it’s about the kids.’ Another source revealed that Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston’s marriage is not salvageable either, and the newlyweds go weeks without even seeing each other.”

A separate report around the same time from OK! magazine claimed that Pitt had grown exhausted with taking care of his wife, who had fallen into some very unhealthy habits that reflected in her frail appearance.

“For a while, the excitement of getting married masked their troubles,” an insider told OK! magazine, via Hollywood Life, “but lately, they’ve been having explosive fights. Neither of them is sure that they can or should, hang on anymore.”

Angelina Jolie could be headed for a divorce.
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There could be hope for the couple, and it comes in the form of a new addition to their already large family. In Touch magazine reported last week that Brad and Angelina had decided that adopting another child — which would be their seventh together — is the key to saving their marriage.

The report claimed that they had already decided against divorce, and the new child was a sign that they were back on solid footing.

“They’re celebrating saving their marriage with the best present possible: a seventh child,” a reportedly close friend of the couple revealed to the publication. “Now that the divorce is off and they’re back on track, they feel adopting another child will strengthen their relationship even more.”

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie haven't been seen together in months.
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The report claimed that Brad and Angelina were looking to adopt a child who is 10 or older, which they believe would be the best fit in their family. The couple has kids spread out from Maddox at age 14 to twins Knox and Vivienne, who are 8.

The adoption plans may also shed light on the shaky divorce rumors, which have all been based on unnamed sources. And even though Brad and Angelina have seen rumors of a split for years now, none of the reports have ever turned out to be true.

And while the divorce rumors continue to surround Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in recent weeks, they have continued to show all outward appearances of a happy marriage. The two have never commented on the reports that they are headed for a split, and even recently bought a home in Spain together.

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