Conservative Christian Leaders: Clinton Can't Be President Because She's A Woman [Video]

Hillary Clinton recently made history by becoming the first female U.S. presidential nominee of a major political party. However, some conservative Christian leaders aren't impressed with the fact she's a woman. Indeed, many conservative Christian leaders are actively opposing Hillary for president simply because of her gender. According to them, Hillary can't be POTUS because the Bible says so.

As Patheos reports, conservative Christian leaders including pastors, entertainers, and TV/radio show hosts have come out swinging against the idea of a Hillary Clinton presidency. According to many, not only can former Senator Clinton not be president, she shouldn't even be the "ruler" of her home under "God's law."

Conservative Christian radio personality James Edwards of The Political Cesspool made his opposition of a Clinton presidency, based on her gender, the subject of a recent broadcast. On Saturday, July 30, the self-avowed conservative Christian broadcast his anti-Clinton sentiment for the world to hear.

During his explanation of why, as a conservative Christian leader, he can't endorse Hillary Clinton for president based on her gender, Edwards had a few things to say about his so-called Biblical stance.
"Under God's law, a woman should not even have dominion over her household. There are natural roles and abilities that men and women have that are God-ordained."
Unfortunately for Hillary and modern U.S. women everywhere, Edwards is far from the only conservative Christian leader to speak out against Mrs. Clinton for POTUS based solely on her gender. While some conservative Christian leaders disapprove of Hillary simply because the Bible infers that holding the U.S. presidency is outside of the scope of "God-ordained" gender roles, others are adding some politics to their Bible by combining religion with anti-feminist views.

Among the conservative Christian leaders who has publicly spoken out against a potential President Clinton is pastor Kevin Swanson. In addition to believing that the Bible condemns the very idea of a woman being POTUS, pastor Swanson says that he believes that Clinton (or any female president) would be the culmination of the feminist "war against America."

"...the nation embraces a sexual decadence. On the other hand, the feminists —who themselves rather appreciate free love, sexual impurity and adultery, but they don't appreciate fact that a woman was taken advantage of."
As Christianity Today report, conservative Christian leaders have chosen clear sides in this election cycle. Many have chosen to support Trump despite the fact that he is hardly an evangelical advocate, and in many of those instances, they throw their conservative Christian leverage behind Donald solely because Hillary is a female.

One such leader is pastor Mark Burns. Burns runs a conservative Christian TV network and he has come out strongly in favor of Donald. He also gave the benediction at the Republican National Convention. In it, The Federalist reports that he took the opportunity to be one of the many conservative Christian leaders to publicly condemn Hillary Clinton.

"And Republicans, we've got to be united, because our enemy is not other Republicans, but [our enemy] is Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party."
According to Eric Metaxas, another of the many anti-Clinton conservative Christian leaders, Trump is better than former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, even though he is clearly flawed from a biblical standpoint. Because Hillary is a woman and any male leader would be better than that?
"Not only can we vote for Trump, we must vote for Trump, because with all of his foibles, peccadilloes, and metaphorical warts, he is nonetheless the last best hope of keeping America from sliding into oblivion, the tank, the abyss, the dustbin of history, if you will."
What do you think? Is it appropriate in a secular nation for people to vote their religious beliefs into public office? Should conservative Christian leaders, particularly tax-exempt pastors, be politicizing from the pulpit?

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