Latest ‘Fallout 4’ Beta Patch Now Available On Steam, Vault-Tec Update Live On PC, Xbox One

Just a week after the latest Fallout 4 DLC release, the add-on content is now updated with a DLC-specific patch. Players can also preview an upcoming overall game patch via Steam today, too. Patch 1.7 is now available for those beta testing Fallout 4 on Steam, and the Vault-Tec DLC is now patched with a workshop update on PC and Xbox One.

PC players now have access to the 1.7 patch beta via Steam starting today. The major portion of the update adds support for the imminent Nuka World DLC in addition to a new store art type for settlements and an improvement to deleting add-ons on the PlayStation 4. Other changes include general stability improvements and quest fixes. The full list of changes can be viewed on the Steam page for Fallout 4.

Fallout 4
The Vault-Tec DLC lets players build their own vaults [Image via Bethesda]

Many players will notice, and perhaps celebrate, that Jun and Marcy Long can now be eliminated after completing the Sanctuary quest as they are no longer flagged as essential NPCs. Additionally, more NPC vendors can now offer bigger shipments of important building materials including ceramic, copper, rubber, steel, and wood. Other changes include a fix to player animations not firing after loading, a fix to a crash that occurred when players invested in a store while trading with the vendor, and other fixes that are also listed in the patch notes.

In addition to a preview of the upcoming 1.7 patch, Fallout 4 players can immediately benefit from the latest live patch. A new Vault-Tec update is live now on PC and Xbox One that addresses a few issues specific to the DLC. Some highlights of that patch include now being able to scrap Vault Experiments, rectifying a missing texture on a specific door, and no longer allowing players to assign companions or Overseer Barstow with the population management system.

“Vault-Tec Workshop was updated with several fixes. The Update is live for PC and Xbox One. The PS4 update has been submitted; we will update this post when it is live.”

Unfortunately, the Vault-Tec update is not available on the PlayStation 4 console at this time. As stated in the patch notes on, the patch is submitted to Sony but is yet to go live. There is no word on when the patch will roll out to the PlayStation 4, but barring any issues with the patch itself, it should release rather soon after submission. The relatively troubled support for Fallout 4 on PlayStation 4 extends to other issues, like mod support, as well.

Fallout 4
Nuka World will be the last DLC release for Fallout 4 [Image via Bethesda]

With the final piece of downloadable content releasing for Fallout 4 later this month, Sole Survivors everywhere will look to mods to extend their time in the wasteland. So far, Xbox One and PC players have had few issues with mod support on their platforms; however, PlayStation 4 players still do not have mods available on their consoles.

After an initial delay around the time mods were supposed to release in late June, it now appears that mod support on PlayStation 4 may not even happen. As the Inquisitr reported, Bethesda recently mentioned their continued effort to release mods on the system as a process that is still “under evaluation.” Mods on the PlayStation 4 are riddled with several hurdles including a smaller file size than other platforms as well as texture and audio issues.

Until further notice, mod support on PlayStation 4 is still in flux with no tentative release date or estimation. Players across all platforms can enjoy the latest DLC, though, and expect Nuka World later this month. The last DLC is said to take players to a Nuka-Cola theme park while also giving them the option to become a raider in the Fallout 4 wasteland.

[Image via Bethesda]