‘Big Brother 19’ Rumors: New Season Coming In Fall 2016, ‘BB19’ Presentation Creating Online Buzz Already

Big Brother 19 rumors have already started up in a big way. The BB19 season is set for fall 2016, giving summer viewers a guilty pleasure to enjoy as the months get colder. A report from the Hollywood Reporter breaks down some of the details, though it doesn’t give all the information that die-hard fans would want to learn (yet).

The biggest piece of news among the Big Brother 19 rumors is that the season will only be available through CBS All Access. It means viewers will have to watch all the episodes online, if it even runs in an episodic format. It’s certainly a way for CBS to get more viewers through the All Access program, which charges a monthly fee to its users. That’s a downside to having the season all online, but it’s also a strategy, as CBS has some new shows that will be scripted entirely for it’s All Access feeds.

The Big Brother 19 rumors also state that the show will run for 10 weeks, making it an abridged version of what CBS airs each summer. It could be the perfect way for the network and its producers to keep viewers interested in the non-summer months, but it also runs the risk of watering down a product that has done very well in the past. It isn’t meant to replace the successful summer version either, as explained by a source for the article.

“Season 19 will run 10 weeks, slightly shorter than a normal season. The new season will come not long after the season-18 finale, which is slated for Sept. 21. It will be an expansion of the franchise and will not replace the annual summer season of Big Brother, which will continue to air on the flagship CBS network.”

For die-hard fans of the program, Big Brother 19 is certainly going to be must-see entertainment, even if it doesn’t get anything but the online treatment. As noted by the Hollywood Reporter, viewer fatigue is a big risk by starting up BB19 so soon after BB18 comes to a close. Could airing a season of the show outside of its familiar summertime slots lead to lower ratings when Big Brother 20 premieres in summer 2017?

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there are still about 50 more days remaining in Big Brother 18. The show continues to be one of the highest network programs in all of television despite airing three times a week. The continued success had CBS already renew it for next summer, showing how much confidence that the creators of the show have in maintaining the audience and a strong share in the ratings.

There will be a lot of additional Big Brother 19 rumors in the coming weeks, especially because casting has already begun for the show. It will be interesting to see how CBS decides to disperse that information and whether it will take away some of the interest that fans have had in watching BB18 this summer. It could certainly bring back any viewers who were frustrated that people returned from past seasons to be in this cast.

Can CBS All Access find a way to compete with something like Netflix? Airing an entire season of one of its most popular reality competition shows certainly seems like a strategy to do just that. But will enough viewers pay to see a full season of Big Brother 19 play out online? Stay tuned fans, because BB19 is going to debut very soon, bringing answers to all of those questions in short order.

[Image via CBS Big Brother/Twitter]