Woman Gives Birth To Identical Quadruplets: This Incredible Birth Of Identitical Quadruplets Only Happens 1 in 15 Million

How would you feel if you unexpectedly became pregnant? What would you think if you went to the doctor for an ultrasound and realized you are not pregnant with one, but four babies? Bethani Webb and her husband couldn’t believe what they were hearing when they were told that Bethani was pregnant with a set of quadruplets just one day before Christmas Eve in 2015. When the babies were born, the doctors couldn’t believe that not only did the couple conceive quadruplets naturally, but all four babies were identical!

Bethani Webb and her husband from Northern Alberta, Canada were shocked to hear the the news that the ultrasound revealed not one, not two, not three, but four babies were conceived. Further revealed by Scribol, the couple was not aware of multiples in either of their families.

While this statistic isn’t as shocking for a couple using fertility drugs, the chances of conceiving quadruplets naturally is nearly 1 in 800,000. However, the statistics quickly rose when the four babies were born and found to be identical quadruplets. The chances of conceiving identical quadruplets is just 1 in 15 million.

Identical quadruplets born in Canada
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While Bethani’s pregnancy went well, the doctors planned to deliver the babies via C-section at 33 weeks to avoid any complications. Four baby girls arrived that day Bethani’s husband, Tim, was way outnumbered. The doctors were floored when they looked at the babies faces because they all looked so much alike. Sure enough, the girls were found to be identical.

Tim recalled the glorious moment his baby girls were born.

“It was kind of like a magic show, because they’re pulling out one, two, three, four… It was kind of surreal.”

Tim and Bethani named their baby girls Emily, Abigail, McKayla, and Grace.

As chances are quite slim to become pregnant with quadruplets, especially naturally without fertility drugs, another set of quadruplets that quickly became known to the world was Britain’s first set of quadruplets born in 2006. Jessica, Holly, Georgie, and Ellie were just the 27th set of naturally conceived quadruplets in the world, Daily News reports.

The beautiful girls have since started school in 2010 and began a modeling career.

Another Britain couple gave birth to quadruplets in 2011. Charlene Medlicott was the youngest reported woman to give birth to naturally conceived quadruplets at only 19-years-old. What makes Medlicott’s story even more awesome is that she was told that she would never have children, Daily Mail reveals.

Medlicott was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome when she was just 15-years-old. Doctors were amazed to see that she was pregnant and completely shocked when it was revealed that she was carrying quadruplets. Four identical quads were born in December 2011. Eveylynn, Rosaline, Gracie-Lou, and Amalia-Rose were born on December 11, 2011.

When the girls’ father was unable to tell them apart, DNA evidence proved the quadruplets were identical.


The mother, who at the time was a neonatal nurse trainee, could possibly enter record books for being the youngest woman in Britain to have quadruplets.

“I always knew my girls were special but now they could be record breakers too. I really can’t believe the girls are identical.”

When Medlicott found out she was expecting quadruplets, she was advised to abort two, since four babies would struggle to live in the womb, but she refused.

“I never expected to fall pregnant so it was a real surprise when I was told I was expecting. When the doctors said I should abort two of the babies I was devastated. I said, “No, just no. It’s murder.” I don’t believe in abortion. I’m so happy I stuck to my guns because I have four healthy babies.”

Bethani and Tim surely are very lucky people and they are fortunate to have four identical, beautiful quadruplets.

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