‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Veto Winner, New Eviction Target In ‘BB18’ House For Week 6 [Spoilers]

Big Brother 18 spoilers present an update on the Week 6 Veto winner, the Veto ceremony, and who the BB18 house has nominated for eviction. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Paul Abrahamian won the latest Head of Household competition, giving him safety and the power to name two houseguests for eviction. He nominated Bridgette Dunning as a primary target and Paulie Calafiore as a pawn for the week. Paulie actually volunteered to go up on the block, showing how confident he has become at winning challenges this summer.

An updated report from fan site Joker’s Updates provides a lot of Big Brother 18 spoilers for the week. While most of this information won’t get presented to CBS viewers until the Wednesday night episode (August 3), the live feeds have already shown it all. It includes the houseguests having two eviction targets to select from when the “live” episode takes place on Thursday, August 4.

The most notable part of these latest Big Brother 18 spoilers is that the Power of Veto did get used at the ceremony this week, meaning HOH Paul Abrahamian had to come up with a replacement nominee. He was very happy to do so, helping to shift the main target of the next eviction away from Bridgette Dunning. As for who won the Veto, it was Paulie Calafiore this week, likely confirming to himself that he could win any competition he tries to succeed at this summer. It’s possible this confidence could either destroy his game or take him to the season finale.

At the Veto ceremony, Paulie took himself off the block, and Paul made his new nomination. He went with Da’Vonne Rogers, carrying out a plan that has been in motion for a number of weeks. Paul and Paulie were able to pull off this move without Da’Vonne getting very upset, which in itself is a bold strategy to undertake. Meanwhile, many people in the BB18 house have been telling Bridgette that they won’t vote against her at the next eviction ceremony, setting up a strong possibility that Da’Vonne is about to have an early one-on-one meeting with host Julie Chen.

With two main eviction targets for Week 6, it means that there could be more Big Brother 18 spoilers about the vote totals before that next “live” episode on CBS. If the BB18 house were to line up the two houseguests who are most likely to get evicted soon, Bridgette Dunning and Da’Vonne Rogers would certainly be at the front of that line. It means that either lady could wind up being evicted this week, with it all coming down to how they behave over the next few days. As of this article being published, Da’Vonne is the main target, but that could change at any moment.

It’s still important to note that the “Return Ticket” is very much in play this season and that either Bridgette Dunning or Da’Vonne Rogers could be in possession of it. That could mean they return shortly after getting voted out on August 4, increasing the potential that CBS producers will roll out one or two double eviction episodes in the near future. There is a lot of room for more Big Brother 18 spoilers to come out later this week, especially with how often the BB18 house has flipped its votes this summer. Stay tuned, fans, as things could get very interesting with the final 10 competitors.

[Image via CBS Big Brother/Twitter]