Can One Direction’s Many Directions Lead To The Same Destination?

As any fan of One Direction knows only too well, the hit band are currently enjoying a well deserved break from each other and from their hitherto gruelling touring schedule. In five years, One Direction rose from X-Factor hopefuls to being the biggest pop outfit on the planet. After five years on the road, five hit albums, and hundreds of music industry awards, One Direction are simply the biggest thing that pop music has seen for many years.

One Direction’s mentor, Simon Cowell, understands that the shelf life of a boy-band is typically a short one. Most boy-bands arrive and light up the pop world with a short but brilliant intensity and then fade away almost as quickly. One Direction fans believe that their favorites are different. As every fan knows, One Direction were formed from five young men who auditioned for X-Factor as solo artists. They did not win the show, but One Direction went on to become by far the show’s biggest success story.

One Direction’s relentless touring and recording schedule were sure to take a toll in the end, and in truth the cracks were on show long before Zayn Malik sensationally walked out on the band last year. Before the On The Road Again tour began it was predicted in The Inquisitr that the tour could be One Direction’s last major tour. The signs were there for all to see, rumors were rife that Zayn Malik was unhappy as a member of One Direction and that the other boys were struggling with constant touring.

Since One Direction announced that they were to have an extended hiatus, the press has had a field day with stories predicting that One Direction were over for good. Just yesterday it was predicted in The Inquisitr that Simon Cowell’s comments about Liam Payne’s solo record deal would lead to a fresh round of speculation that One Direction are done.

Just hours later, MTV are reporting that “we need to accept that One Direction is never, ever getting back together.” At least MTV do not claim any insider information on One Direction’s split. Instead, they point to history and the simple fact that most trial separations lead to divorce.

“We know most ‘breaks’ end with a permanent ending, and that once someone finds their independent footing, they’re much less likely to return to their past — either personal or professional.”

What has always been clear is that the members of One Direction needed time to follow ambitions that were separate and distinct from One Direction. As individuals, each member of One Direction has his own hopes, dreams, and ambitions, and the hiatus is about allowing them to explore that. The early signs are that each member of the group looks set to make a success of whatever they do.

As we approach the anniversary of One Direction’s hiatus announcement, we have already seen major movie roles, massive recording deals, and lucrative business opportunities for members of One Direction. It was always likely that the success of their solo endeavors would be the deciding factor in One Direction’s future. Those boys are talented and look set to make a success of anything they turn their hands to. There can be no doubt that the more successful their solo endeavors are, the less likely we are to see a One Direction reunion.

Let’s face it: there is no financial imperative for a One Direction reunion, and the signs are that their solo endeavors will be even more lucrative than their work as a group.

That said, there is one factor that makes it more likely that One Direction will reform at some point in the future. One Direction have always been grateful to their fans. As a band, One Direction were the first to ride the wave of the social media revolution, and as a result they have a special connection to their fans. The boys have repeatedly told the fans that One Direction will return, and the fans believe them.

Fans do need to remember that it is important to allow the members of One Direction time and space to grow. The Daily Mail reports today that Niall Horan has hit out at a One Direction fan who posted a picture of him asleep on an aircraft.

It seems that Niall was unwell and asked that no pictures of him be taken, and yet this person went right ahead and snapped Horan as he slept. It is incidents like this that make a One Direction reunion less likely. Who needs this kind of intrusion into their lives?

One Direction fans are famously loyal, and when One Direction members say that they will reunite, the fans will believe them. What the One Direction reunion will look like and when it will happen is anyone’s guess. No fan would like to think that any member of One Direction is being stifled creatively by being a member of the band. Most know that the boys need room to grow and to express themselves, but they will be waiting when One Direction do eventually reunite.

If you have any doubt about the power of One Direction’s fans, Newsweek reports that, despite being on hiatus, One Direction cleaned up at the Teen Choice Awards, winning all five categories in which fans were able to vote for them.

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