WWE News: Backstage News About Ric Flair Returning to WWE Television

If WWE gave away their Slammy Awards right now, the former WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte would have to be WWE’s “Woman of the Year.” She’s appeared on every PPV of the year. She has been the top heel of the division, and until last week, she held the WWE Divas and WWE Women’s Championship for a combined three hundred and nine days, which is technically the longest overall title reign in WWE history, which includes Nikki Bella’s title reign from last year.

On WWE programming, a great deal of her success is attributed to her father, Ric Flair. The two-time WWE Hall of Famer was present by Charlotte’s side through all of it until she publicly banished him in favor of Dana Brooke as her protege. The Nature Boy hasn’t been seen on WWE programming since then, but it is only a matter of time until he returns to WWE television.

Without her father by her side, Charlotte consistently lost more matches than she did with him at ringside. Last week, she lost the WWE Women’s Championship to Sasha Banks during the first edition of Raw since the brand extension. Charlotte will have her rematch with The Boss at WWE Summerslam, but there is a question of what will happen if she loses again.

Ric Flair and Charlotte Make Their Way to the Ring as Daughter and Fatehr
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If Charlotte fails to recapture the WWE Women’s Championship again at WWE Summerslam, there is a strong chance that Ric Flair will be involved with her storyline. According to a rumor from CageSideSeats.com, there has been some discussion within WWE about bringing back Flair to possibly manage someone else who would then feud with Charlotte.

The problem with that idea is it was recently reported that Banks vs. Charlotte was expected to last for a few more months, but the plan could be changing if WWE would rather do Flair vs. Flair and let The Boss’ Women’s title run stretch its legs. If Flair returns to WWE programming and targets Charlotte, the biggest question is who would he manage to challenge her?

Since Ric Flair was originally pushed aside by Charlotte in favor of Dana Brooke, a natural progression of the storyline would be for Dana Brooke and Charlotte to develop tension and eventually begin feuding. The Nature Boy could easily align with Brooke to give her the rub for her face turn, which will give her a better shot of getting over with the WWE Universe. WWE officials had planned for Dana Brooke to learn from the Flairs, so a feud with Ric Flair at her side could be her golden ticket to the top.

Ric Flair Cuts a Promo Like No One Else
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Dana Brooke isn’t the only option to be Ric Flair’s new protege. At WWE Battleground, Bayley made her main roster debut as Sasha Banks’ partner in a tag team match against Brooke and Charlotte. That match ended with Charlotte tapping out to Sasha’s “Bank Statement,” which directly caused the title match on Raw where Charlotte dropped the Women’s title to Sasha Banks.

If Charlotte fails to regain her WWE Women’s Championship from The Boss at WWE Summerslam, she could turn her attention to Bayley because the blame could fall on her for Charlotte’s misgivings. Bayley is rumored to be making her transition to the main roster full-time shortly after WWE Summerslam, so WWE officials could book a feud between Bayley and Charlotte for the fall. How much of a dig against Charlotte would it be to see her father to align with Bayley against her? That’s karma.

No matter who Ric Flair manages when he returns to WWE television, his goal is to continue to help Charlotte in her career. She has already achieved so much in WWE’s Women’s division in only a year. If WWE is planning Flair vs. Flair to make Charlotte the biggest heel WWE’s Women’s division has ever seen, it’ll be the ultimate passing of the torch from father to daughter.

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