Tony Bennett Celebrates 90th Birthday With Lady Gaga, Lights, Music, And Empire State Building Art Show

Tony Bennett turns 90-years-old on August 3, and the Empire State Realty Trust along with iHeartMedia aren’t holding back when it comes to celebrating the legend. Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett have developed a close personal and professional relationship, and she isn’t missing out on the celebratory fun. According to a news release, Lady Gaga will appear at the Empire State Building, music and light show event that will feature a tower lighting ceremony. Tony Bennett has won 19 Grammy® awards and the celebration recognizes the great musical achievements Tony Bennett has contributed throughout his career.

Fans are already sharing their excitement about the event on social media networks like Twitter. And while there will be plenty of music during the event, there will also be a focus on celebrating Tony Bennett’s artwork.

Born Anthony Dominick Benedetto on August 3, 1926, Tony Bennett is more than just a singer. While this might not come as a surprise to his fans, others may not know that Tony Bennett is an accomplished artist. Bennett is said to sketch or paint everyday, and his artwork has been exhibited in galleries. At almost 90-years-old, Tony Bennett shared a photo of his latest painting on Twitter.

According to the release, a window display will be established at the Empire State Building’s Fifth Avenue Lobby showcasing original artwork by Tony Bennett. The artwork display will be featured beginning August 3 until September 6. You can see more of Tony Bennett’s artwork in the video review of his book Tony Bennett in the Studio: A Life of Art & Music.

Tony Bennett spoke about his love of painting in an interview with John Kosich when he was 65-years-old. He shared his passion for art and described the experience of painting as similar to yoga.

It might not be much of a surprise that Lady Gaga would make a point to celebrate Tony Bennett’s birthday celebration. Lady Gaga celebrated her birthday on March 28, and Tony shared a clip of the video message he sent to Gaga. He even sang her happy birthday.

In addition to the Empire State Building festivities, there will be a party held at the Rainbow Room located at Rockefeller Plaza. Lady Gaga will begin the event that will feature a music and light show to several preselected songs, as well as a live performance of Lady Gaga joining in on “Cheek to Cheek.” Other songs that will be played throughout the light show include “Steppin’ Out (With My Baby”), “Because of You” and “I Left My Heart in San Francisco.” It’s quite appropriate that the party will be held at the Rainbow Room, as Tony Bennett was the first opening act at the Rainbow and Stars supper club, located adjacent to the Rainbow Room.