Worst Neighbors Ever Sell Neighbors’ Dog On Craigslist, Are Criminally Charged

If you have bad neighbors, perhaps the type that park their cars juuuuust over your property line instead of in front of their own houses or ones that let their pets pee on their lawn or who start the weed whacker at 7:59 am on a Saturday morning, you might count yourself lucky after reading about these pieces of work and their alleged terrible treatment of a neighborhood dog — one that was owned and loved and greatly missed.

Scott and Roxanne Duff, according to The Smoking Gun, called police to report two found puppies at their Leechburg residence — a Rottweiler and a Golden Retriever. Roxanne Duff told the cops that she “was unsure what she had to do with the dogs,” but said the younger dog “had taken off again and did not return to her residence.”

The dogs belonged to Shawn Lerch and his family, and by the night of the reported doggie disappearance, Lerch believed the Rottweiler was still at the Duff residence. He told cops as much, and posted on Facebook to say that the missing pup “is very important to our family. Mostly our daughter so if u [sic] see her please get hold of me. And if u [sic]have her and return her today i [sic] will not press charges.”

Cops confronted Duff again about the dog, and Scott Duff told police that he didn’t have the puppy, and to advise Lerch to no longer call about the animal because it wasn’t there.

On a follow-up visit, however, the Duff’s five-year-old busted his parents, saying that the dog had indeed been there and that Roxanne Duff had used Craigslist to sell the puppy. TSG reports:

“The child stated to the Chief that his mommy had given the dog to a woman from the internet.”

The dog was eventually recovered and returned to Shawn Lerch, and the Duffs were charged with theft, conspiracy, and making false reports to law enforcement.