‘The Bachelorette’ 2016: All The Info You Need For Tonight’s Season Finale And ‘After The Final Rose’ Live Special

For three months, JoJo Fletcher has been making her way through 26 men to find out who is her one true love, and it’s all going to come down to this. Tonight is the season finale of The Bachelorette, and the “After The Final Rose” special will air live immediately following it. Here is everything you need to know for tonight’s ultimate choice as the leading lady prepares to select Jordan Rodgers or Robby Hayes and a ring of her own.

Fans will not want to miss a single moment of tonight’s episode, and here is all of the information they will need to know. Some may be fully aware of all of this, but it doesn’t hurt to catch up and know the TV schedule, as well as how you can live-stream the after-special, too.

Please be aware that the ending of The Bachelorette tonight is a full three hours instead of the usual two each week.

Date: August 1, 2016

Network: ABC


  • 8 p.m.–10 p.m. ET — Season finale
  • 10 p.m.–11 p.m. ET — “After The Final Rose” (live)

Now, Chris Harrison will host the entire duration of tonight’s show live beginning at 8 p.m. ET, but the season finale has already been taped. Those results have been known for quite some time due to spoilers, but not all fans have read those as of yet.

For anyone that won’t be able to watch tonight’s season finale and after-special on TV, you will be able to catch them via live-stream online. There are a couple of options in case one ends up messing up, so here are your choices.

In past seasons of this series and The Bachelor, there have been some shocking and unexpected things take place. Some have rejected marriage proposals, while others have changed their minds and selected the expected runner-up instead of the already chosen winner.

With that live “After The Final Rose” special, anything is possible and fans need to be prepared for something quite shocking to take place. JoJo Fletcher has had her doubts about both of the finalists (Robby Hayes and Jordan Rodgers) this season, so who knows what will end up happening.

Us Weekly reported that tonight’s season finale will show a very “nervous” Jordan shopping for an engagement ring, since he’s ready to pop the question. He will get the chance, as will Robby, but fans will have to wait to see whose proposal she accepts, as there are no spoilers here.

Jordan actually meets with the famous jeweler, Neil Lane, on tonight’s finale when looking for the perfect ring and admits that butterflies are getting the best of him.

“Overwhelming is the right word for sitting there, trying to pick out a ring. An engagement ring is forever — it’s gonna represent that promise that it’s gonna be her and me for the rest of our life.

Now, he’s going to be able to present that ring, but will it be accepted by the leading lady of The Bachelorette? Maybe she would rather the ring that Robby Hayes presents to her instead. Only time will tell, and fans now know how to watch all the drama come to life this evening.

Tonight’s season finale will officially put an end to JoJo Fletcher’s time on The Bachelorette, but is she really going to walk away with the man of her dreams? There is a lot of doubt that has been cast on both of the final guys, and no-one knows if Robby Hayes or Jordan Rodgers is right for her. At least now, everyone is aware of when to watch the last episode and the “After The Final Rose” live special to watch all the drama and possible romance unfold.

[Image via ABC Television Network]