One Direction: Liam Payne Jumped Ship Without Telling Bitter Simon Cowell

One Direction star Liam Payne has spent the past five years in a contract deal with Simon Cowell and his company SyCo. No one can argue that Cowell hasn’t had a huge impact on Payne’s life and career. After all, Cowell picked Liam and his bandmates from a long list of X-Factor hopefuls and formed them into a boy band. Without Cowell, Payne would never have met Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik, much less formed a group with them. It is doubtful that Payne and his bandmates would have had the level of success that they have enjoyed without Cowell’s publicity machine behind them.

Cowell undoubtedly got the blend absolutely right when he formed One Direction, they went on to become the most successful boy-band of all time. Payne and his mates must shake their heads in wonder when they contemplate the level of success they have enjoyed. Liam and the other members of One Direction seem to be pretty clear that credit for their success should go to their fans. It seems that Simon Cowell might disagree.

Last week, it was reported by the Inquisitr that Liam had signed a record deal with Capitol Records for his solo work. Cowell ducked questions about Payne’s solo deal and appeared to slight Liam when he said that Harry, Niall, and Louis were loyal and intimated that not all of the boys were. Many concluded that Cowell was less than impressed that Payne had signed with a rival record label.

Simon has managed to keep a connection with all of the members of One Direction for their solo careers. Harry Styles is being looked after by a new management team, but his solo record deal keeps him with Sony. Zayn Malik is also on a Sony label, and Niall has not only stuck with his current management but has gone into partnership with Modest Management for his sports management company. Louis has continued to work with Cowell on his new record label and as a guest judge on America’s Got Talent.

Cowell is obviously an astute businessman, but it seems that he was totally blindsided when Liam jumped ship to sign to a rival record label. Payne is the first member of One Direction to break from Cowell, and according to the Sun, Simon is “annoyed” that Liam did not discuss the matter with him first.

“It is a bit annoying if I am honest with you – mainly because it is a another label who has now got your artist who you worked with for so many years.”

Cowell says “that is the music business,” but he goes on to say that he thinks Liam will be the only member of One Direction to break ranks with him.

According to the Huffington Post, Cowell has been in frequent contact with Liam, but he was under the impression that Payne was “in no hurry” to release solo music. Seemingly, Cowell had made it clear to Payne that he would be happy to work with him for his solo work.

It had been thought that Payne intended to focus on songwriting for himself, One Direction and stars like Jennifer Lopez. Perhaps Liam has songs written that he feels are too good or personal to hand to someone else and has decided to record them himself. Of course, Payne’s decision and Cowell’s comments are sure to lead to further speculation that One Direction is finished amidst a rift between Liam and Simon.

It can’t be denied that many of Payne’s fans will be delighted to see Liam ditch Cowell. Many One Direction fans believe that Cowell has gotten very rich from the talents of Payne and his bandmates. Fans believe that Liam and the boys have been treated as a commodity, and they resent that. While many fans will be delighted that Payne has made a break, they are disappointed that the others have not.

What do you think of Liam Payne’s decision to ditch Cowell? Will Liam be more successful on another label?

[Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP Images]