WWE News: Former WWE Diva Victoria Teasing Potential Return to WWE

Will McCormick

WWE's brand split has not only provided the current roster of WWE superstars with the opportunity to get bigger roles on Raw and SmackDown, but it has also given a select few former WWE stars the chance to return to WWE programming as veterans to help get the next generation over with after the brand extension and with the WWE Universe.

A lot of names have been revealed or mentioned, and some have been confirmed. Rhyno debuted on SmackDown last week during a segment with Heath Slater. Shelton Benjamin has been confirmed for a WWE return via a vignette earlier in the night. However, there have been many other names mentioned over the past several weeks with a few former WWE Divas, as well.

Last week, it was revealed that former WWE Diva Melina could be returning to WWE to help the Women's division on Raw or SmackDown, but the latter is more likely. Melina has been confirmed for a WWE return, but another strong name has joined her on the rumor mill for a potential WWE return to help the Women's division reach a new level on SmackDown.

There is no question that Varon returning to WWE as a top veteran to help the WWE Women's division, especially for the SmackDown brand, would be very welcome by the WWE Universe. It was recently reported by Ringside News that Varon's activity on social media is what started the speculation for her WWE return. She posted the following on Twitter last night.

On SmackDown, Varon would have the ability to play Victoria as a face or a heel. She'd most likely start off as a face, so bringing back the feud between her and Natalya would be a lot of fun. Becky Lynch vs. Victoria would give the WWE fans some great dream matches, and it would benefit both women tremendously to establish them on SmackDown going forward.

In the past, Bray Wyatt's "Sister Abigail" has been rumored to become an actual character on WWE programming. There is a lot of debate about whether or not making her a real character would risk the mystique and mystery of Bray Wyatt's character, but many people have agreed that Varon is one of the few performers that could potentially pull off that role on WWE television.

She may not become "Sister Abigail" herself, but there have been rumors about a female Wyatt Family member joining Bray for quite some time. Perhaps Varon could return as a new character alongside Bray Wyatt. It could be too much, but a "Bride of Wyatt" angle has the potential to work, and there is a lot potential for Varon to embrace the darkness of her character in WWE and bring the something radically different to WWE's Women's division.

[Image via WWE.com]