WWE News: Melina Close to Signing Deal For WWE Return

WWE has been looking outside of the company for former WWE superstars to return for roster depth. The logic is that former veterans can make a return, provide nostalgia for the WWE Universe, and ultimately help the new talent pool get over on WWE programming to help the brand extension become as successful as possible.

On SmackDown this week, Rhyno returned during a segment with Shane McMahon and Heath Slater, while it was revealed via vignette that Shelton Benjamin will also be returning to WWE. Several others have been rumored or at least mentioned to be heading for WWE. The list continues to grow, and even big names like Kurt Angle, Jeffy Hardy, and others have been added to it.

However, few former WWE Divas have been mentioned. There are many former WWE Divas that could add a big boost to the Women’s division in its early days to ensure that many of the younger women get over, and it continues to grow. For example, there is a former WWE Divas Champion, who is rumored to be signing a new WWE deal very soon.

Melina Splits Her Way Into the Ring
[Image via WWE.com]
According to a rumor from CageSideSeats, there are many former WWE superstars who have been mentioned for possible WWE returns. Out of all the names that have been rumored, former WWE Women’s Champion Melina is considered the closest to inking a new deal with WWE for a return to the ring.

Melina is still considered one of the most accomplished and perhaps underrated women to ever wrestle in a WWE ring. She has not appeared on WWE programming since early 2011, but her accolades speak for themselves. During her WWE tenure, Melina was a two-time WWE Divas Champion and a three-time WWE Women’s Champion. She was also ranked the third best female singles wrestling in the world by Pro Wrestling Illustrated back in 2009.

Melina is also remembered for her time as a valet for MNM and John Morrison specifically during his run with WWE as well. It wasn’t until the MNM tag team broke up that she established herself as a top female wrestler on her own. Despite rarely being mentioned on WWE programming, Melina is one of the most accomplished females in WWE history. Her legacy with WWE is strong, but the current brand extension could be the perfect opportunity for her to expand on her legacy with a new generation.

Melina Does a Split on Her Way Into the Ring
[Image via WWE.com]
Melina’s experience in the ring would make her valuable on both Raw and SmackDown in the current Women’s division. Since her main goal would be to help the next generation of women in WWE, she could work with almost anyone as a face or a heel, which would make her an invaluable part of the division to help cement it in a “New Era” of WWE.

For example, Melina would be a great asset to Raw. The new WWE Women’s Champion Sasha Banks would benefit a great deal from a program with Melina. Nia Jax could also gain a lot of momentum as a dominant heel after gaining victories over someone with Melina’s accolades. Charlotte, Paige, and the other women of Raw would be elevated by working with Melina as well.

SmackDown could end up being the better fit for her since the Women’s roster for that brand is filled with fresh faces from NXT that could use the experience of working with someone like Melina. One such name is Eva Marie, who could gain a lot of real heel heat after proving she can hang with one of WWE’s best, and the chance to learn through experience would be great for her. The history with Natalya could also be rehashed, and Becky Lynch would be an interesting feud for Melina too.

The point is there are many ways that Melina could be valuable to the Women’s division and the WWE product that it isn’t surprising that WWE is negotiating with her for a return to the company. If Melina does end up resigning with WWE soon, it could inspire more former WWE Divas to return to help make the current Women’s division the greatest in WWE history.

[Image via WWE.com]