‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’: K. Michelle Claims VH1 Reality Show Is Scripted, Denies Ditching Ariane Davis

Fans of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta have often wondered how much of the reality show is staged. After K. Michelle got called out for a recent scene with Ariane, she has confirmed that not everything we see on LHHATL is real. She claims a recent scene where she left her friend stranded was totally scripted and that she would never have actually left her behind.

K. Michelle is never one to keep quiet when she feels that there is wrong information floating around about her. That’s why she responded to a tweet sent out by The Jasmine Brand earlier this week. The tweet read, “She allowed you to shadow her and then you left stranded, Ariane. You don’t owe K. Michelle anything smh #LHHATL.”

Enstars reported that K. Michelle was quick to tweet back at the gossip site, “Shut up… it was STAGED you bird behind a computer!”

The tweet has since been deleted, and it’s pretty obvious why. Certainly, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta producers didn’t want one of their stars telling fans that the show isn’t entirely truthful. Of course, many fans already know that and talk about it all the time. The Inquisitr even reported earlier in the season that another star Scrapp DeLeon’s storyline may have been embellished as well and that his romances with both Tiarra and Tommie may have been dramatized for the cameras.

Joseline Hernandez also famously claimed that much of LHHATL was scripted during her deposition in the lawsuit waged by Althea Heart. Joseline claims that she didn’t really beat up her co-stars during the Season 3 reunion show for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. That lawsuit is still pending and should be concluded at some point this summer.

“Well, with reality TV, it’s mostly, it’s called reality,” Joseline said under oath. “But it’s a lot of acting… I say that because a lot of the girls that’s on the show you know they act. And so, it’s a lot of acting in the reality show.”

It seems that despite K. Michelle’s claims that the scene with Ariane was scripted and not reality, the rest of the cast still doesn’t have her back. Especially Mimi Faust, who still hasn’t forgiven K. for some of the things she said back when Mimi was dating Nikko. Even though her friend was right, it seems that Mimi is still holding onto that grudge pretty tight.

You can tell K Michelle shady AF towards Ariane

— Säucé (@gvldxlee) July 26, 2016

Karlie Redd tried to come to the defense of her friend. However, Rasheeda, D, Smith, and Betty Idol decided to just stay quiet about their opinions of the singer.

The allegations that Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is staged came after a scene where Ariane David asked to shadow K. Michelle and see what it’s really like to live the life of a performer. It was after a show that Ariane was left behind and it looked like she had been ditched by the singer who jumped in a car and took off without her.

K. Michelle’s now-deleted tweets revealed that Ariane was never ditched at all. Actually, she was in a car behind her, but the way the scene was shot, it looked like K. Michelle had left her friend behind.

With the Season 5 reunion for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta coming up, odds are that they won’t talk about whether or not the show is scripted. It’s pretty clear that some things are made to look extra dramatic in order to pull ratings. Do you believe that K. Michelle really left Ariane Davis after her show or was it all camera tricks? Tell us what you think of this latest LHHATL drama in the comments section below.

[Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images]