Possibly Pregnant Lindsay Lohan ‘Still Engaged’ To Egor, Willing To Work Things Out

There are a lot of ups and downs in any relationship, and even a big “blowout fight” doesn’t always mean the end of love for a couple. Lindsay Lohan and Egor Tarabasov have been through some tough times, including Lohan’s 2016 public accusation that Tarabasov was cheating on her. It looked like they were split for sure when Lindsay took off on a “sudden getaway on an Italian yacht,” but according to TMZ, there’s still a chance for the couple.

Even though Lindsay, 30, and Egor, 23, had an “explosive fight,” that sent a possibly pregnant Lindsay racing away to be alone and take some time to think things through on the yacht, that might not be the end for Egor and Lindsay.

Hollywood Life reports that the Mean Girls star is “still head over heels” in love with the much younger Egor. Even though Lindsay feels certain that Egor cheated on her, she doesn’t want to give up on him, and still plans to marry him. When Lindsay was first spotted on the yacht, she was wearing a ring on her engagement finger.

An insider close to the couple said that Lindsay, who may be pregnant with Egor’s baby, doesn’t think the fight was the end of the road. She considers it just “a bump in the road.”

“As far as she’s concerned, she and Egor are engaged.”

The Daily Mail reports that Lohan seemed to be putting the trauma of last week behind her” as she showed off a monochrome,”flesh-flashing swimsuit. In the sexy one-piece, it didn’t look as if Lohan was pregnant, but it’s early days yet.

Lohan’s friends admit that the actress definitely wants to “work things out” with Tarabasov, but they aren’t so sure that’s what she should do. Lindsay and Egor are known for their fights that get really bad, even to the point of cops showing up at the door.

Lindsay’s friends say that Egor “allegedly has” some problems with anger management, and Lindsay is unwilling to admit the truth and get help. She just keeps on “defending his behavior” and pretending that if she waits long enough, and is patient enough, eventually things will work out and she and Egor will get along better.

There was some hope for those who believe that a marriage between Lindsay and Egor would be a bad thing. While Lindsay was on her get away, her left hand and engagement ring finger were noticeably bare of jewellery one day during a shopping trip in Porto Cervo, Italy. The “massive emerald engagement ring” that usually weighs down Lohan’s left hand was absent from the picture as she and “bestie Hofit Golan” hit the shops on July 29.

The engagement ring mystery deepened when Lindsay visited Chopard, the Swiss jewellers, later in the day. She reportedly left with a “brand new diamond ring” that may have been a replacement for the big emerald.

The decision about whether or not to get married isn’t just up to Lindsay. She may really want to get back together with Egor, despite her friends’ concerns over his unpredictable temper, and the wildness of their relationship, but “the evidence is adding up” that Tarabasov has changed his mind about getting married any time soon to Lindsay.

The Russian millionaire, whose net worth is rumored to be around $2.5 million, was also out on the day that Lindsay went shopping for a new ring that may have permanently replaced her engagement ring. Egor had party plans that night and was seen having a good time at a London nightclub while Lindsay was on her own in Italy.

That’s not such a great decision if Egor and Lindsay are getting back together, especially if Lindsay is pregnant. The reason Lindsay got mad enough to leave was that Egor went out partying and didn’t come home at all. If Egor wants Lindsay back, partying all night without her isn’t the way to do it. Some fans are just sad that Lindsay, pregnant or not, wants to stay with Egor.

Lohan isn’t only having to convince Egor that it;s worth working out their differences. Egor’s parents are unimpressed with the relationship and are “reportedly pressuring” their son to split permanently from Lindsay. The Tarabasovs are conservative, and not used to huge publicity that surrounds Hollywood celebrities.

[Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]