July 31, 2016
Fleet Of Tall White Alien UFO Spacecraft Filmed Landing At Nellis AFB Under The Cover Of Darkness And Stormy Weather [Video]

UFO hunter Steven Barone continues to monitor alleged UFO traffic over notorious UFO hotspot Nellis Air Force Base from the backyard of his home in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, a prominent UFO blogger has claimed that the UFOs that Barone has filmed in a series of videos uploaded to his YouTube channel are UFO spacecraft belonging to a secret community of Tall White Aliens being hosted secretly by the U.S. government at Nellis AFB and Area 51.

Barone's latest UFO footage was captured from the backyard of his home in the affluent Summerlin area of Las Vegas in Nevada on July 28. It shows a mysterious object streaking across the video frame toward the ground. The video also includes footage taken in November last year showing three mysterious UFO orbs landing in the nearby Spring Mountains area.

According to the UFO hunter, the night of Thursday July 28 was stormy in the city of Las Vegas. But despite the poor weather conditions, he decided to look out for UFOs making their usual clandestine in and outbound flights over Nellis AFB, located in the northeast corner of the Las Vegas Valley, and the top-secret Area 51 USAF facility within the Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR), contiguous with the Nellis Air Force Base (see map below).

Map of Nellis AFB area
Map shows Federal lands in Southern Nevada. [Image via Finlay McWalter/Wikimedia Commons]"Last night was very stormy all the way around the city," the alien UFO hunter writes in the description of his latest YouTube video. "[With] lightning and wind and a daytime temperature of over 115 degrees you know the night isn't going to be very productive. I only took the night vision camera out because it can handle a little wind."

After searching the stormy skies for UFO activity without results, he decided to focus his night vision camera in the direction of the nearby Spring Mountains about six miles away in the direction of the USAF facilities. He explained that he tried his luck in the direction of the mountains because of a previous spectacular footage he captured over the mountains on November 12, 2015, showing bright light UFO activity.

"I wasn't seeing anything so for the fun of it I aimed the night vision camera at a mountain which is only about six miles away," he writes. "I aimed the night vision camera that way because of an earlier video I caught right there."

And the UFO hunter did not have to wait too long to witness UFO activity over the same mountain.

"I don't know what it was that I filmed last night, but I don't think it was a meteorite or I would have seen it the entire time."
Tall White Aliens
Nellis AFB hosts a secret community of Tall White Aliens, according to conspiracy theorists. [Image via Shutterstock]Barone's YouTube video shows UFO activity over Nellis AFB captured on July 28. It also includes the old footage from November 12, 2015 that inspired the latest footage.

The footage from July 28 shows a mysterious aerial object, a type of UFO some bloggers term an "alien light ship." The UFO appears momentarily in the direction of the notorious Area 51 facility and streaks down across the frame like a flash of light and disappears mysteriously.

"It [the mysterious UFO] only showed up for a fraction of a second. I am publishing it because it came down where the older objects did.
"Ironically it was facing the exact direction to the north where Area 51 would be," he continues. "I do believe these objects were much closer than Area 51 though."

The second footage from November 12, 2015 taken over the same mountain was more intriguing. The spectacular footage shows three distinct orb UFOs landing at the base of the mountain.

In Scot C. Waring's opinion, the UFOs were Tall White Alien spaceships landing at Nellis AFB and not USAF fighter jets.

"Steven Barone's video below shows two UFOs flying into Nellis AFB. These are not fighter jets. These are Tall White alien ships.
"The base of the Tall Whites is located at the end of the Nellis old firing range, which is mostly out of sight from Los Vegas," Waring declares on his UFO Sightings Daily blog. "But the object flying in to it will always be within view."

The latest UFO footage was filmed and uploaded online after Waring declared that previous footage shot by Barone on July 21, titled "Red Flag 16-3 Happening Right Now At Nellis AFB," actually shows a UFO carrying a delegation of Tall White aliens approaching and landing at Nellis AFB on July 20 under the cover of an ongoing USAF training exercise called Red Flag 16-3 (see video below).

Waring's interpretation of Barone's otherwise enigmatic UFO clips is based on the popular belief that Nellis, a UFO hotspot, also hosts a top-secret community of Tall White Aliens.

The Tall White Alien base at Nellis AFB has existed since the 1950s, according to the USAF whistle-blower Charles Hall.

Barone had filmed the sky over the Nellis Test and Training Range (NTTR) having apparently anticipated that the Tall White Aliens would take advantage of the cover provided by an ongoing USAF training exercise to fly their UFOs in and out of the military reserve.

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