Jordan Rodgers Insults JoJo Fletcher’s Mom On ‘The Bachelorette’ Season Finale? Robby Hayes The Winner?

With only one episode remaining, JoJo Fletcher is down to her final two suitors on The Bachelorette.

While many expected Jordan Rodgers to come out on top, it now sounds like Fletcher handed Robby Hayes her final rose.

Why did Fletcher change her mind and dump Rodgers?

Celeb Dirty Laundry is reporting that the former NFL quarterback made a big mistake when he visited Fletcher’s family for the final rounds of dates. In fact, Rodgers’ made such a bad impression that Fletcher’s mom advised against picking him in the finale.

Although the reports haven’t been confirmed, it is believed that Rodgers showed up with gifts for the family and came off as being overly smooth.

After Rodgers left, Fletcher’s mother, Soraya, described him as a player.

According to Hollywood Take, Rodgers’ actions created a lot of drama for Fletcher in the finale as she made her final decision.

“JoJo was sobbing,” an insider explained. “She told [the runner-up] ‘I wanted it to be you.'”

It isn’t known who Fletcher was talking to, though she clearly has strong feelings for both Rodgers and Hayes.

The major factor in Fletcher’s decision to dump the runner-up was because he didn’t ask permission to marry her.

“It was important to JoJo that the guys get her parents’ permission before proposing,” the insider added. “JoJo viewed it as disrespectful that he didn’t.”

Interestingly, Rodgers told Fletcher in a previous episode that he would ask permission from the father before marrying a girl. Did he just forget to follow through with his promise? Or did Rodgers have second thoughts about proposing to Fletcher?

Jordan Rodgers Bachelorette Season 12
Jordan Rodgers [Image via ABC/Matt Klitscher]

This isn’t the first time Rodgers has fought rumors. Indeed, the former quarterback has faced serious criticism throughout his time on The Bachelorette.

For the most part, fans questioned Rodgers’ motives for being on the show and believe that he is only seeking fame.

Although his motives are unknown, Rodgers did land a gig on the SEC Network. Not only does this add another layer of complexity to Rodgers’ life, but it also means that he might be on the road a lot next year.

Does this mean he’s ready to settle down with Fletcher?

Apart from fame rumors, Jordan Rodgers’ ex-girlfriend, Brittany Farrar, also accused him of cheating on her.

Of course, Rodgers denies being unfaithful and insists that he loves Fletcher.

That being said, Fletcher’s other pick, Robby Hayes, isn’t any better.

Rumors indicate that Hayes actually dumped his girlfriend, Hope Higginbotham, to land a spot on The Bachelorette.

Robby Hayes Bachelorette 2016
Robby Hayes [Image via Disney ABC Press]

Even worse, many think Hayes wants to star in the next season of The Bachelor and has zero plans to propose to Fletcher.

At this point, it’s too difficult to tell if Fletcher picked Hayes over Rodgers. According to Morning Ledger, the winner impressed Fletcher’s family and remembered to ask for their permission.

Was Rodgers the one who was disrespectful to Fletcher’s family? Or did Hayes slip up?

As previously reported by Inquisitr, Fletcher was torn between both men and “she fell in love” with Rodgers and Hayes.

Thankfully, the family meet and greet helped Fletcher make her final decision.

Unfortunately, it isn’t known which of the suitors made the mistake with Fletcher’s family and which one made a good impression.

Either way, the final man standing is expected to propose to Fletcher on a beach in Thailand. Whether or not she says yes and agrees to marry him is another matter entirely.

Fans can watch Fletcher hand out her final rose when The Bachelorette’s season finale airs on ABC Monday night.

Following the finale, the “After the Final Rose” episode will air at 10 p.m.

Tell us! Who do you think will take home the final rose — Jordan Rodgers or Robby Hayes? Let us know in the comments and check out a preview below.

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