Susan Sarandon Should Be Cheered by Progressives Over Continued Bernie Sanders Support, Not Jeered

Susan Sarandon, whether one likes her or not, has always held to her progressive beliefs, even when it wasn’t in fashion. A perfect example was in 2003, when celebrities were facing a huge backlash for not supporting George W. Bush and his war in Iraq. In fact, according to CBS News, Sarandon spoke out less than two months before the United States started a war in Iraq to get weapons of mass destruction that never existed.

“‘The people of America do not want a war on spec,’ actress and anti-war activist Susan Sarandon said Friday on the eve of what could be one of the largest anti-war protests ever… Appealing to President Bush and members of Congress, the Academy Award winner said, ‘Get with it. Get off your horse and let’s get real about this.'”

Susan Sarandon has never been afraid to take a major stand for what she believes in. [Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images]

By the time the war started, people were calling for a boycott of anything involved with Sarandon. It ended up that she was on the right side of history. But many progressives think Sarandon is currently on the wrong side of history. NPR talks about her bad time at the DNC this past week.

“As the Democratic National Convention opened Monday night, a large contingent of Sanders supporters disrupted the night’s program with boos and jeers, especially when Clinton’s name was spoken. Sarandon’s disdain was clearly visible on her face during the convention, as seen in this GIF that went viral Monday night.”

As Inquisitr noted earlier this week, Sarandon has been very vocal about what she considers unfair treatment of Bernie Sanders, as evidenced by the WikiLeaks hacked DNC emails. Susan and others suspected that Bernie Sanders was treated unfairly, and their suspicions came true.

Many traditional Democrats, however, have turned Susan into some type of enemy. Sarandon hasn’t exactly helped with her rhetoric, as noted by Daily Kos last month.

“Susan Sarandon, Bernie Sanders surrogate, has gone to a dark place once again, echoing Rightwing rhetoric whining about a non existent ‘indictment,’ proffering that Sanders can still win by the ‘numbers’ and once again reinforcing that she will not vote for Clinton, if Clinton is the nominee,” the article points out and then refers to her actions as “stupid.”

Many of the commenters after the article slammed Sarandon.

“Oh yeah, Susan? Well I’ll never go to another one of your movies again. So there!!!!” claimed Dave G.

“This woman is worse than Dennis Miller, Bill O’Reilly, and all the right wing ilk combined,” said Terrence78.

You can read comments like this on almost any progressive site that talks about Sarandon. Then, there is Twitter.

Just because Sarandon doesn’t support the candidate who was nominated doesn’t mean she should just shut up and go away. Sarandon has always been a person who speaks out against corruption, and it is quite clear that, whether you like Hillary Clinton or not, that she was favored over Bernie Sanders by the people who were supposed to be objective about the electoral process.

Hillary Clinton isn’t as innocent as some of her supporters make her out to be. [Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images]
Let’s face it: As Sarandon has noted several times, Hillary Clinton does not exactly have her hands clean. Had any other politician used their own private email server that compromised classified information, they would be in prison. But not Hillary. Instead of getting angry at Susan Sarandon for pointing this out, perhaps one should be angry at a system that allows Hillary Clinton to constantly get away with corruption in the first place.

[Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images]

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