Susan Sarandon Shames Democratic Party For Mistreatment Of Bernie Sanders’ Supporters

Bernie Sanders’ supporters have gathered outside of the Democratic convention by the thousands to protest the treatment they have received by the party. The protesters have vowed to continue their movement even though the Vermont Senator is out of the running and has now endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Susan Sarandon, Danny Glover, and Rosario Dawson were among the Bernie Sanders’ supporters at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia. Sarandon and her friends are also protesting the banishment of former Ohio Senator Nina Turner from the DNC stage.

According to Susan Sarandon, Nina Turner was yanked from the DNC speech line-up without any explanation. The top Bernie Sanders’ surrogate was reportedly supposed to nominate and then introduce the Democratic Socialist at the convention — even though Hillary Clinton had enough votes to win the nomination.

The actress, known for her role in the classic hit film, Thelma and Louise, said the Democratic Party is making it difficult to carry out the message of the movement, the Daily Mail notes.

“There’s been a lot of difficulty in executing the will of Bernie Sanders’ people and surrogates, and this was just a topping for the whole thing because she [Nina Turner] was ready to go. And she was very, very disappointed,” Sarandon told reporters. “This has not gone by lightly, and we are upset.”

“I was told it was going to be me and Tulsi,” Nina Turner told Mother Jones, referring to Representative Tulsi Gabbard. The Democrat from Hawaii is also a top-level Bernie Sanders’ supporter. Turner also said when she arrived at the convention to prepare for her time at the microphone, no one from the Democratic Party was there to greet her and usher her behind the stage. According to the former Ohio Senator, she was ultimately told the Hillary Clinton campaign did not want her on the stage to nominate Bernie Sanders or to speak about his campaign.

Tulsi Gabbard was permitted to speak at the convention. The nomination of Bernie Sanders was reportedly planned as a show of respect for him and his supporters even though Clinton has surpassed the number of delegates required to win the primary.

Nina Turner also noted she had not submitted her prepared speech to convention managers in advance of her arrival and had not talked with any party leaders or Clinton campaign staffers about her remarks. Bernie Sanders was reportedly disappointed Turner was not allowed to take the stage to nominate him or to speak on his behalf.

Susan Sarandon and her fellow Bernie Sanders’ supporters are demanding that all voices be heard, especially Nina Turner’s. It appears the Democratic Party is far from unified. Many of the protesters said the WikiLeaks hacked DNC emails came as no surprise to them, stating they knew the system was rigged and now feel vindicated.

“This particular convention has been unlike any convention in decades in this country,” actor Danny Glover said during a protest outside of the Democratic Party convention.

The liberal voters, many of them in their twenties, said they are not prepared to support Hillary Clinton – at least not yet, and possible not ever. Some of the Sanders’ supporters have vowed to vote for third party candidates or Donald Trump in November. Other Bernie Sanders’ delegates claimed the mainstream media was in the tank for Hillary Clinton and played a contributory role in what they feel was a rigged primary election.

Erika Onsrud, an at-large delegate from Minnesota, encouraged the crowd of protesters to “Stay awake” and not give up the fight for change which inspired the Bernie Sanders’ movement in the first place.

Do you think the Democratic Party is unified and Bernie Sanders’ supporters will fall in line and cast ballots for Hillary Clinton?

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