‘Celebrity Big Brother’ 2016 News: Frankie Grande Raps After Being Labeled Most Egotistical Cast Member In The CBB U.K. House

Celebrity Big Brother 2016 kicked off Thursday in the U.K., with several Americans gracing the elaborate residence. One of these celebrities is Frankie Grande, the older brother of Ariana Grande, and a U.S. Big Brother 16 veteran, who the entire cast seems to love and get along with quite well. The Irish Examiner also reports Frankie is loved by the public, as demonstrated on social media. Nevertheless, the temporary secret boss of the house for the week decided to nominate Frankie for a specific designation regarding his ego.


As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the first night in the Celebrity Big Brother house, Big Brother himself played a nasty little trick on one unsuspecting houseguest, who was secretly told he would act as the boss of the house for one week, choose nominees for eviction, and be immune from the first boot from the house. The one caveat is this boss was told to never reveal his status to the others.


Christopher Biggins was awarded the task, but unbeknownst to him the whole thing was a rouse because the other houseguests were secretly told he was the big boss. They were also instructed to remain hush-hush about the joke and attempt to aggravate him to obtain a nomination for eviction. The twist is those put on the chopping block by Biggins will actually be given immunity by Big Brother.


Digital Spy reports that, as part of his job in the Celebrity Big Brother house, Biggins was also given the mission of labeling some of his favorite housemates with various designations. When it came to which cast member he believed to be the most egotistical of them all, Biggins chose Frankie.

“I think his ego is fantastic, I love it. He is fun, he knows he’s funny. He is outrageous. He is spectacular. He is fabulous. He is Frankie.”

Biggins was also required to label the houseguests he believed were most talentless and he chose U.K. reality star Stephen Bear and actor Lewis Bloor; the trashiest as U.K. reality stars Marnie Simpson and Heavy D; and finally singer Samantha Fox was labeled the most iconic.

Later, when it was revealed to the houseguests the designations they were given each had a punishment to go with their award. Stephen and Lewis were made to gallop around the backyard in a donkey suit, Marnie and Heavy D had to clean a disgustingly trashy room, and Samantha Fox was given a posh suite in the Celebrity Big Brother house.


Frankie was told because he was given the designation of most egotistical houseguest he must prepare a presentation for the others, which consisted of a rap entitled, “10 Things I love About Me And You Should Too.” Frankie was elated about the pseudo-punishment, doing leg kicks and smiling, as he contemplated his task.


Frankie’s rap did not disappoint, as the others yelled and applauded as he spit his lyrical genius rhymes, which consisted of the following.

“Came over from America to play Celeb Big Brother with the promise this experience would be unlike any other. Imagine my surprise when I walk in there, just to find out I’m the most fabulous person there. I got legs for days and my hair’s on fleek, with a smile that stretches from cheek to cheek. I’ve got the grooves, I’m the hottest of the fellas and a booty that’s even got my girl Renee jealous. Yo, yo, I’m a singer and a dancer and an actor and a host, my talents they stretch from coast to coast. I think this was supposed to be 10 things I like most, but there were so many to choose from, but I don’t mean to boast. Listen, I know that I’m a guy who’s got a really big ego, and thank God that they don’t make that kind of [expletive] illegal. Cause if loving yourself was ever a crime, I’d be locked up in jail and doing really hard time.”

Frankie received rousing applause upon the completion of his presentation, even getting accolades from Mob Wives star Renee Graziano, whose “booty” he referred to in the rap. Her derriere is quite impressive, which she told some of the other houseguests is due to fat injections.


So far, Frankie appears to be a house favorite and he just might even make it further in Celebrity Big Brother than he did in the U.S. version of the show when he landed in fifth place during BB16.

[Image via Channel 5]