How Far Does Chad Johnson Make It On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’? Ben Higgins’ Ex Joins ‘Paradise’ Cast Just To Meet Chad

Bachelorette villain Chad Johnson returns to TV on Tuesday night as part of the Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 cast, and at least one of the girls from Ben Higgins’ season of the Bachelor is heading to Paradise to meet him.

The 28-year-old real estate agent from Oklahoma will join 29 other singles from previous seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, including several guys from JoJo’s season.

It’s not clear if Chad went on the show to find love, but he will shake things in Paradise where he will be known as “Hurricane Chad.”

[Warning: Bachelor in Paradise spoilers ahead]

According to ABC, Chad is one of 15 guys and girls who will appear on the August 2 Bachelor in Paradise season premiere, including Evan Bass — hopefully Chad brings him a new shirt.

An additional 15 contestants will arrive on various episodes throughout the six-week season that airs on Monday and Tuesday nights after the Tuesday night premiere.

Bachelor in Paradise Cast 2016 Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 Cast [Image via Disney ABC Press]According to Reality Steve, there is one woman who heads to Paradise to meet Chad, but she won’t get a chance to enjoy his company and that may be a good thing.

Steve’s spoilers indicate that Leah Block (Ben’s season) “is after Chad” but won’t arrive in Paradise with the initial cast. Instead, she arrived on the second day of filming and Chad was already up to his biceps in trouble with not only one of the ladies who arrived on Day 1, but with host Chris Harrison.

Leah Block Bachelor In Paradise Leah Block [Image via Disney ABC Press]Spoilers point to Chad connecting with Lace Morris (Ben’s season) during the first day, something that goes from good to bad quickly. The preview video above shows Chad and Lace in the Paradise pool, and he appears to get rather aggressive.

“On the first day, Chad actually connected with Lace during the day. Even made out with her. By the end of the first night, Chad got belligerent drunk, was telling people to ‘suck Bachelor d**k,’ believe almost got in a fight with Daniel, and even called Lace the four letter no-no word rhyming with ‘punt.'”

Obviously, Chad didn’t join the Bachelor in Paradise cast to revamp his image, and if he did, he won’t have much time to right his wrongs.


According to ABC, Chad “offends everyone including the staff” during his first day on the show and this time host Chris Harrison doesn’t put up with his craziness.

After Chad spends one day and one very long night in Paradise, Chris Harrison talks to Chad about his behavior on the show. Unlike the conversation he had with Chad during the Bachelorette, Harrison tells him to pack his bags and leave Mexico immediately.

Being sent home from Paradise after just one day hasn’t stopped Chad from continuing his crazy antics for his social media followers. His Snapchat stories continue to showcase his daily routine that includes hitting the gym and throwing chicken at his George Foreman grill.


Although Chad will only grace our TV screens for one episode, there will still be plenty of drama in store for Bachelor in Paradise this season and there is no doubt that Chad will be commenting about it on Twitter.


The Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 premiere begins at 8 p.m. ET on Tuesday, August 2 on ABC.

After the first week, the remaining episodes will air twice weekly on Monday nights from 8 – 10 p.m. ET and on Tuesday nights from 8 – 9 p.m. ET.

The After Paradise talk show returns for a second season on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. starting on August 9. The live show will once again be hosted by Chris Harrison and will include special guests and appearances by cast members.

[Image via Disney ABC Press]