George Clooney ‘Overwhelmed’ Being Married To Amal?

Is George Clooney cracking under the pressure of being married to such a high-powered human rights lawyer?

Reports are swirling that the drama brought on by Amal Clooney’s position a barrister, responsible for freeing and defending innocent victims, is now troublesome and too much for the Hollywood actor to take. The rumors go as far to say that the couple’s marriage is on the rocks due to all of the controversy surrounding the barrister’s political position.

A terrifying situation recently made the couple turn to officials for assistance, when an unstable individual sent the couple threats directly. Mark Bibbee sent the power couple a 189-page manifesto which rambled on about political issues and threats against the Clooneys. Within the pages, references to an assassination against George Bush Sr. were also made in addition to the Orlando shooting. Bibbee wrote, “Orlando is a false flag event to cover for LGBT criminal & pedophiles,”

The couple succeeded in attaining a restraining order against Bibbee, who is now being held in a psychiatric ward. Yet, the drama that is connected to the threats is all too real and have reportedly stirred up talk about the drama which surrounds Amal daily.

Design & Trend shares speculation that is now arising due to the concern over Amal’s position which draws negative attention to her and George regularly.

“Critics can’t help but wonder if this case might mean we might start seeing George Clooney/Amal Alamuddin divorce headlines popping up in the future. After all, one can only take all the stress that comes from being married to a human rights lawyer for so long,”

However, rumors aside, George and Amal appear to be a stable duo and take the criticism, as well as the, by times, threatening circumstances in stride. Often the pair jet off to their Lake Como home in Italy to escape the speculation and the drama.

The most recent rumors that have surfaced revolving around Amal and her work, point to the star potentially leaving the courtroom drama entirely behind to become a fashion designer. A source recently spoke with Grazia magazine about fashion designers wanting to work with the barrister.

“A number of fashion houses have contacted Amal about becoming the face of their brand.”

Designers have become familiar with Clooney’s aesthetic and incredible taste in fashion, while they work alongside her to create pieces for her to wear to red carpet events.

“Amal has long been obsessed with clothes, but she never considered working in the fashion industry. Since finding herself in the spotlight, she’s collaborated with designers who have created custom-made pieces, and had a very hands-on role.”

The publication went on to relay how Amal is feeling a pull to being a part of the industry that respects her so much.

“Now insiders say that Amal is increasingly feeling the pull of the fashion world, which is clamouring to claim her as one of its own. According to one source, ‘A number of fashion houses have contacted Amal about becoming the face of their brand. In the past she’s brushed off similar approaches from huge fashion magazines who’ve begged to shoot her, telling friends she’s flattered but needs to concentrate on her legal work. Increasingly, she feels tempted to stretch her wings.”

Although the fashionable barrister and red carpet knock- out loves fashion, it is unlikely that she would give up her post as such a notable human rights lawyer. Perhaps the beauty can put the opportunity on the back burner for now and simply continue to dazzle onlookers as a wearer of the fine fashions as opposed to the designer behind them.

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]