WWE News: Backstage News On Current Status Of The Dudley Boyz

In the conversation of best tag teams in wrestling history, The Dudley Boyz would walk away with the top choice if the contest were based on longevity, accolades, and overall success in every major wrestling promotion in the industry. They’d even give some of the most popular tag teams of all time a run for their money in terms of popularity.

When The Dudley Boyz returned to WWE programming roughly a year ago, the WWE Universe rejoiced as their return to WWE’s tag team division was a shot in the arm at the time because a veteran tag team is always useful in the division, especially if they’re the most decorated tag team in WWE history.

They’ve feuded with many tag teams, including the cream of the crop and the current WWE World Tag Team Champions, The New Day. Bubba Ray and Devon Dudley have done a lot to help rebuild the tag team division, but they have been featured less and less on WWE programming over the past several months. Many within the WWE Universe have questioned why WWE isn’t utilizing the Dudleys as a more important team and are curious what their status is with WWE after the brand extension.

Dudley Boyz Denounce Using Tables Any Longer [Image via WWE.com]According to a report from WrestlingInc.com, both Bubba Ray and Devon Dudley have made it clear on social media and to the people around them that they are very happy with their current roles in WWE. The veterans are said to be content helping the up and coming tag teams in WWE, but there is a question of their contracts coming up in August.

When they returned to WWE last summer, The Dudley Boyz had signed a one-year deal. That was set to expire next month, but it is being reported that both Dudley Boyz have been inked to a new deal, which is most likely another one-year deal. Now that the two sides have another year to fill, there are a lot of possibilities about what should be done with them on WWE TV.

Back in February, Bubba Ray and Devon turned heel, putting their opponents through tables for the enjoyment of the WWE Universe, and have been floating along ever since. It’s clear that WWE officials value them on television, but the time may have come to give both Dudleys a chance for a singles run.

Bubba Ray Dudley Could Have a Singles Run in WWE [Image via WWE.com]In TNA, Bubba Ray was given the chance to become “Bully Ray,” which catapulted him into a TNA World Champion. There have been rumors of the character returning in some incarnation to WWE because the same potential is there for him to become a very successful singles star in WWE if he were given the chance. It’s a shame to think that WWE has a former world champion stuck in the tag team division.

On paper, being one of the best tag team wrestlers should be a gateway into a singles run, especially with the experience and accolades someone like Bubba Ray Dudley has after roughly 25 years in wrestling. However, it will take some work for Bubba to become a singles wrestler since he is so well known by the WWE Universe as the man who tells Devon to get the table.

The most obvious way to kick off a Bubba Ray singles run would be to turn on his partner Devon, which could be a bad thing for the latter in the long run, or it could result in a good singles run for Devon as well. The point is there is a lot of potential for The Dudley Boyz in WWE as a veteran tag team putting over the future, or breaking apart and trying their luck as singles stars. The two men have at least one more year in WWE, so they should continue to add to their collective legacy or start a new one.

[Image via WWE.com]