This Very Popular Villain Was Almost A Part Of The Team In ‘Suicide Squad,’ And Is There A Post-Credits Scene?

Suicide Squad is the next big film coming from Warner Bros. for the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), and it has an incredible cast attached to it. The big team of villains is already stacked, but it now seems as if there was one more huge name included in the group. Director David Ayer has revealed that one the iconic and popular villain known as King Shark was almost in the film but ended up being left out when all was said and done.

The film is going to be huge with just the cast alone, but Warner Bros. has extremely high hopes for how it will do at the box office for its opening weekend beginning on August 5. Stars such as Will Smith, Joel Kinnaman, Margot Robbie, and Jai Courtney are only a few that are taking on bad guy roles, but where is King Shark?

Sure, he made his presence known on the hit CW series The Flash and fans loved him on there. Still, he isn’t a part of the villainous team strutting into theaters, but he almost was.

david ayer suicide squad king shark team villain the flash
[Image via The CW]

Collider reported that director David Ayer is doing the promotional rounds for Suicide Squad right now and he started answering fans’ questions on social media. Oddly enough, he mentioned that King Shark was almost a part of the team but ended up needing to be left out.

“One of the characters for the squad lineup that I was actually thinking about was King Shark, but we realized it would take a lot of work, a lot of CG work. I wasn’t quite comfortable having a full CG character. We actually ended up going with Killer Croc, who turned out to be the right guy for the job.”

So, due to the fact that King Shark would have taken a full-on CGI character, he was left out. It is no shocking surprise that leaving him out also probably saved a lot of money on production as well, but it’s quite a shame that it had to be that way.

Once Ayer made that decision, it ended up being Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) who got the final spot. Some fans have had issues with his look on-screen, but they may be willing to move past that if the movie is as good as advertised.

david ayer suicide squad king shark team villain the flash
[Image via Warner Bros.]

King Shark does look kind of odd on The Flash, but he’s meant to look weird. It’s a humanoid shark that walks around on two feet and is actually giant on top of all that. He’s meant to come across as quite shocking and unbelievable, but it’s easy to see how he didn’t exactly fit in here.

Ayer may have wanted to keep things a tad more realistic in the DCEU at this time, but there is always the chance that King Shark could show up in the future.

While answering the questions of the fans, Ayer touched on something else that many have wondered about and that’s a post-credits scene. When you head out to watch Suicide Squad, don’t leave the theater too fast as you will end up missing something important.

This has become the running trend with comic book movies and almost all films, and it’s not going to stop with Suicide Squad.

Fans are really looking forward to Suicide Squad, but it is obvious that they would have lost their mind by seeing King Shark on the big screen. David Ayer had intended to include him, but the cast was already quite huge and other reasons left the popular villain in the cut ideas. Maybe one day, he will make it into a film and become a part of the movie branch of the DCEU.

[Image via Warner Bros./DCEU]