‘Elizabeth Warren Is A ‘B****,’ Comedian Says After Senator’s DNC Speech

Elizabeth Warren has gone from being a Bernie Sanders voter’s pick for running mate (had the Vermont senator won the primary) to being booed at the Democratic National Convention this past week.

While President Bill Clinton (then Arkansas governor) was once booed by his own party at the DNC for Michael Dukakis and was able to bounce back, many have been theorizing that Warren’s brand has become irreparably damaged for her backing of Hillary Clinton.

Nevertheless, much will depend on the outcome of November’s election. Should Clinton be able to reclaim her lead and become the first woman to ever hold the Oval Office, it’s likely Elizabeth Warren will recover from the events at the DNC.

But for now, people are piling on, and among them are comedian and podcast host Adam Carolla.

During a recent episode of the Adam Carolla Podcast featuring guests Gary Louris and Vinnie Tortorich, the one-time host of The Man Show on Comedy Central and Jimmy Kimmel’s best friend went off on Elizabeth Warren.

The tirade came during a “News with Gina Grad” segment of the show. Grad played a clip from the Elizabeth Warren speech in which the senator illustrated the vision of Donald Trump to the audience.

Claiming that Trump wanted to divide “whites against blacks,” she asked listeners “when white workers in Ohio are pitted against black workers in Florida, who really benefits?”

She continued, remarking that “divide and conquer is an old story in America.”

To that, Carolla said, “Yeah that’s what you’re doing b****. You’re dividing everyone up.”

(The remark comes at the one-hour, 24-minute mark.)

From there Adam admitted that he “hated” Elizabeth Warren and said that all of the race talk brought out by political figures like her and Michelle Obama — whose speech he actually praised on the same episode — was creating division.

“This constant beating of the race drum isn’t helping us. We’re all going in different directions. We’re spinning off the deep end with it. Who likes Trump? Nobody likes Trump. But stop with the non-stop race talk.”


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The characterization of Trump as a racist is popular on the left side of the ticket, though the GOP nominee denies the charges and claims that the Democratic talking points are purposeful oversimplification.

Where Democrats say that Trump wants a “divided America,” Trump emphasizes at his rallies that he is for immigration, but he just wants it to be done by the law.

A popular talking point — and something that Elizabeth Warren has seized on — is that the nation needs to be one with borders.

In fact, in the same speech, Warren said that Trump wanted to turn “everyone against immigrants” (Trump’s third and current wife Melania is an immigrant.)

But what do you think, readers? Should Carolla apologize for his incendiary remark directed at Elizabeth Warren, and do you believe Warren’s rhetoric about the Trump campaign, or are Democrats mischaracterizing what Trump wants for the U.S.? Sound off in the comments section below.

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