‘The Division’ Rewards From ‘Underground’ Now Include Older Gear Sets, Improved Drop Rates

With the Underground downloadable content yet to be released on PlayStation 4, players on Xbox One and PC will benefit immediately from the latest update to The Division. Today’s maintenance addressed a major issue for players with access to Underground. Drops and their quality have been adjusted with the latest update to better reward players completing content in the Underground DLC.

Most notably, players completing missions in the Underground will now be able to find gear sets from the previous patches in addition to those added with patch 1.3. Gear sets from patches 1.1 and 1.2 are now possible drops in the DLC giving players a chance to find those gear sets with higher gear scores from the mode. Not to mention, sealed caches from the Underground will now include all weapon types, according to the patch notes on the official forums.

The Division More sets will now drop in the Underground [Image via Massive Entertainment]Named NPCs in the Underground now also have their own increased drop rates for players that defeat them. This affects named NPCs in all difficulties, and completing multiple phases will also reward players with increased gear quality. Completing an operation with four or more Directives also offers players another chance at more loot with the latest update.

Of course, Underground is still not available on PlayStation 4 yet. These changes are not technically live on the platform since the DLC is not available for play at this time. The fixes will likely be live on PlayStation 4 when the Underground DLC finally launches on August 2.

The Division Head to the Dark Zone for this Operation ISAC [Image via Massive Entertainment]Until then, all players can enjoy the latest Operation ISAC which is available now. This week’s Operation ISAC tasks players with defeating 100 Veteran enemies in the Dark Zone for special rewards. Players can pick up Alex’s Scarf and three high-end Division Tech materials. To check out the Operation ISAC video, head over to the Ubisoft Blog for more information.

The Division‘s on-again-off-again ally Esmay is wounded but safe after the rescue mission in last week’s episode of Operation ISAC, so we can once again turn our sights on the mysterious villain known as Asher.”

Underground, the first paid expansion for The Division, gives players a way to complete randomly generated missions with varying difficulties for the chance at loot. In tunnels beneath the surface, players will fight the regular foes found above ground in addition to avoiding traps. Alarms and skill jammers create obstacles for players delving into the Underground.


According to the official site for The Division, the DLC features four difficulties, six different mission types, and five different Directives to create unique challenges each time players set up a mission. Players can attempt missions in normal mode, hard mode, challenge mode, or heroic mode beneath the surface of New York. Selecting the number of mission phases lets players link objectives to one another to keep the action going, and selecting a Directive will make the operation even harder.

“These levels will take around 20-40 minutes of action packed combat in dense, unpredictable areas filled with hazards and traps. The environment itself is dangerous, you need to be on your toes at all times because it can reach out and bite you at any moment. Traps are triggered by stepping into their proximity and you’ll come across a few traps you have encountered before.”

With Underground currently available on Xbox One and PC, PlayStation 4 owners can expect the DLC on August 2 due to exclusivity deal. Patch 1.3 is live across all systems at this time, though. As the Inquisitr reported, new weapons, missions, and the heroic mode difficulty were introduced with the update. The ability to reroll a new weapon talent, an increased bank size, and other additions were also part of the 1.3 update for The Division.

[Image via Massive Entertainment]