‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 Trailer Mixes In Classic ‘80s Horror [Video]

American Horror Story Season 6 has descended upon the masses and given fans a heaping dose of what’s to come this year on the highly popular FX horror anthology series. The new trailers released for Season 6 are enough to stir up the fans emotions and get them hyped about the macabre scene that is just around the corner on the cable network this September.

If there is one thing that American Horror Story is very well known for, that’s giving its fans the most disturbing and unnerving scenes of pulse-pounding terror that have ever shocked the small screen audience. It is safe to assume that American Horror Story would have never found a home on a “Big 4” broadcast network and certainly not with the FCC crawling down their necks and censoring all the best material they have to offer.

There is an American Horror Story theme hidden in the trailers that were released, and fans may not have been able to pick up on it right away. Although the show is titled American Horror Story, it could also be said that it finds the most common themes of horror that are known to American society and preys on their views with the terrors that they are used to seeing, or whatever they think goes bump in the night.

The theme that emerged from the American Horror Story trailer is simple, as reported by Deadline. What is apparent, as American Horror Story fans have likely already seen, is that the theme is giving fans a dose of some classic horror that emerged out of the ’70s and ’80s, which includes The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Hills Have Eyes.

Just consider what you saw in the Season 6 American Horror Story trailers. You had a house in the middle of nowhere with a smokestack that was breathing the number six, followed by a chainsaw. Then you had a small family (a mother, father, and daughter), who emerged out of the semi-darkness of the dimly lit horizon behind them. You could see the outline of their dark bodies, then their eyes glowed. Creepy, right?

That is what American Horror Story is really all about. It taps into that collective unconscious and forces its fans to face their fears onscreen with characters they have come to love and care about. Fans tune in to see their favorite acting troupe take up a new storyline that unnerves the viewers, and they stay glued to the TV screen for that one thing that will jump out and murder, maim or torment some unlucky person.

The American Horror Story teaser also gives a vision of children, a baby rather, in its terrifying bassinet with hideous relics for Season 6 of American Horror Story dangling above it, waiting for a mother or a father to come take care of it. Then we hear the baby scream, and that chilling theme music from American Horror Story. It really speaks volumes.

The American Horror Story trailers, or teasers rather, speak volumes for Ryan Murphy and his show. It speaks to how dedicated they are to making the show one of the most successful on TV, right alongside The Walking Dead on AMC. They are committed to their annual theme of disturbing their viewers to the core every year with scenes of terror and the macabre.

There is also the real possibility that American Horror Story will be serving up two seasons this year with a fall and spring installment of the series on FX. We do know that the fall season of American Horror Story is going to run for 10 episodes, which is much shorter than the standard 13 the show usually gets. That only means that it is much more likely that the show will pick back up next spring to conclude, possibly with 10 more episodes, giving it a total of 20.

[Image via FX]