‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 To Feature Tate Langdon? [Video]

American Horror Story Season 6 could be the year we get a major character back. At least, if Evan Peters has anything to say about it. But if his wishes were to come true, then Tate Langdon from Murder House in Season 1 could be making another appearance sometime soon.

Just take into consideration what fans have already been given about Season 6 of American Horror Story. Through various news interviews by the show’s creator, and AHS stars, there is good reason to believe that next year will be a two-season affair on FX for American Horror Story.

Some of the best news to come from that is Ryan Murphy’s desire to do a fall season and a spring season. Then you couple in the factor that the producers have said that Season 6 of American Horror Story will have some element of children in it and therein could lie your premise.

Season 6a and 6b of American Horror Story, or just simply Seasons 6 and 7, could be about the kids in the fall, then their grown-up counterparts in the spring. Think of it playing out similar to Stephen King’s great novel It. One part of the story is defeating an evil entity as children and the other part of the story is the same characters defeating the evil as adults.

That is where the possibility that Tate Langdon could conceivably come in. Evan Peters has already confirmed to GoldDerby that he wants to go back and revisit the character.

There is also the fact that, as Movie Pilot has pointed out, Tate Langdon has long been a fan favorite on American Horror Story. But for Evan Peters to rally for Langdon’s return, that means that producers could really be listening to what he has to say so long as it fits their theme.

“I’d want to play Tate. I want to see what’s going on with that animal. [Is] he still in that house, trapped? Or maybe even see him, you know, before everything went totally haywire, to sort of see that lighter side of him,” Evan Peters said. “Maybe a little bit more about what turned him into what he became. I think that would be interesting. I don’t know how [showrunners] would do that.”

Because American Horror Story is a horror anthology series on FX, that means that it rarely recycles its characters. Although they do indeed use the same actors to portray a different character each season, they rarely come back as the same character.

But American Horror Story has still been known to do it. They have brought back Pepper from Asylum in Season 2 and put her in Freak Show on Season 3. They also brought back Lily Rabe’s character from Season 2 and put her in Freak Show as well, albeit in a very limited scene.

Even though American Horror Story producers have done this, they have never really done it with a major character such as Tate Langdon. For them to bring back Langdon and have Evan Peters portray him in Season 6, this could mean that he would be cast in a limited capacity for the fall installment of American Horror Story.

Just consider how they would make that work, according to Evan Peter’s wishes. If they were to go back and see how life was for Tate before he was killed and became a ghost, who was somewhat evil and somewhat not, that would make for an interesting storyline moving forward into the spring season. But that would also make American Horror Story fans wonder if the young Tate would be a small kid, thus forcing Evan Peters to hold off playing the role until the spring season.

Either way, American Horror Story has all of their fans curious just how they could make this play out.

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