‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Maxie’s Scheme Causes Trouble With Nina And Claudette, Sam And Jason Make A Discovery, And Kristina Ends Up In Tears

General Hospital spoilers tease that there is a jam-packed episode on the way Thursday that viewers will not want to miss. Things are getting wild on Cassadine Island, both Maxie and Claudette are playing games regarding Nathan, and Kristina is struggling in the wake of her night with Parker. Where are things headed during the July 28 show?

As viewers saw earlier in the week, Sonny confronted Kristina about Parker and her sexuality while Alexis and the professor got into a battle over the situation. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicate that Sonny will confront Alexis over keeping Parker’s gender a secret, and Aaron will find Kristina crying by herself.

Aaron will be asking her what is wrong, but she may find herself unsure of how to answer or what to do next. It’s looking as if Parker left her a letter ending things once and for all, and this is clearly not how Kristina was hoping things would go. Will she throw herself back into her relationship with Aaron or end up alone? The buzz is that Aaron will learn about her night with her professor, and this will surely cause some trouble in the relationship.

Maxie pulled a sneaky move to set Claudette up to be fired, but during Wednesday’s show, it looked like her plan was flawed and that Nina was figuring out her involvement. However, General Hospital spoilers from We Love Soaps indicate that Maxie will be getting a great deal of praise from Nina during Thursday’s episode.

It seems that Nina will question Maxie on why she would want to sabotage Crimson, especially at such a critical time given Julian’s arrest. Ultimately, however, it sounds as if Nina will stand behind Maxie and possibly fire Claudette, even if she knows it was a set-up. It sounds as if Maxie may feel quite a bit of guilt over the scheme, even if it does lead to the desired result.


Claudette’s days at Crimson may end up being over, but her end game involves Nathan, and she is not done pursuing him yet. General Hospital spoilers tease that she will track Nathan down and tell him that she is leaving Port Charles, and it sounds as if she may manage to get him feeling a bit sorry for her. He will soon be offering her a ride, and fans have a hunch that this ride will lead to trouble of some sort.

Things have been wild on Cassadine Island, and General Hospital spoilers note that there is more chaos on the way. Some unexpected people will pop up, and it seems that Ava and Dante will consider trying to take them down. In addition, Lulu is said to follow the mysterious Daphne to her place. There seems to be a connection between Daphne and Helena, and viewers will be curious to see how all of these mysterious people figure into the greater Helena mystery.


Sam and Jason have been determined to find a way off of the island and General Hospital spoilers indicate that they make a significant, but potentially troublesome, discovery during the next episode. Viewers will see more regarding Kevin’s delicate situation as well and everybody will be anxious to see where things head next on this front.

Will Nathan and Maxie end up getting married, or will Claudette manage to break them apart? Will Kristina end up alone due to her night with Parker? What comes next for everybody on Cassadine Island? General Hospital spoilers share that intense moments are on the way both in Greece and with the serial killer back in Port Charles, and people will not want to miss where things are headed next.

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