Bernie Sanders Supporters Furious After Delegates Reveal Sanders Won First Roll Call But Convention Focused Only On Hillary

Tara West

Despite Hillary Clinton being formally nominated as the Democratic presidential candidate, Democrat Bernie Sanders supporters say they are not going to vote for their party in this year's presidential election as they feel Clinton "stole" the nomination from Sanders through unfair means.

Many Bernie Sander supporters are pointing to the Wikileaks revelations that the DNC was favoring Hillary Clinton from the beginning and the way that Sanders was pushed to the side at the DNC despite reportedly winning the first roll call at the convention to justify their anger. Therefore, many Bernie supporters say they will refuse to remain members of the Democrat party and instead will exit from the party en masse. As a result, the #DemExit movement has been trending in Bernie Sanders support groups, with members pledging to exit the Democrat party and vote Independent or Green Party.

@CNN @HillaryClinton Going to lock out the Berners again? The world is watching @LeeCamp #PresidentObama #Demexit

— Reginald Hodges (@sci_solar) July 28, 2016

As Breitbart reports, the #DemExit movement is growing following a mass protest at the DNC over the treatment of Bernie Sanders as a viable candidate. The Bernie Sanders delegates staged a protest in which they emptied the convention center following the nomination of Hillary Clinton while holding signs informing other supporters to #DemExit. Many of the Bernie supporters wore pieces of tape over their mouth with the words "silenced" written in marker, noting that they feel their voices were not heard by the Democrat establishment.

— Grandmaz4Bernie (@Grandmaz4Bernie) July 28, 2016

The supporters say that the election was rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton and that the Wikileaks emails prove she was a favorite from the beginning. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the Wikileaks emails indicate that the DNC may have been trying to sabotage the Sanders campaign from the start by formulating questions about his religious beliefs to be asked at campaign events as well as even requesting information from moles within the Bernie organization.

Things for Sanders supporters didn't get any better once arriving at the convention as they quickly learned that the DNC was focused solely on Hillary's candidacy and that Bernie was not being viewed as a viable contender in the race despite a large turnout. In fact, some Bernie Sanders delegates were quick to point out that Bernie Sanders actually won the first roll call of the morning for regular delegates as Hillary Clinton delegates didn't turn out for the check-in. Therefore, many feel that Bernie should have been given a platform at the convention to speak and attempt to win over some of Clinton's superdelegates. Instead, the group says they were silenced, and only Hillary was given focus at the convention.

The video below discusses Sanders winning the first roll call. A Sanders delegate reveals the bombshell at the 6:30 mark, noting Bernie won the roll call as Clinton's supporters did not come out in large numbers.


Word is @BernieSanders won the AM roll call for the nomination, but the DNC asked for a re-vote this afternoon. #DemConvention #DemsInPhilly

— PRIYANKA (@chepriyanka) July 26, 2016

— #RiseUp! (@Lynz_RKarau) July 26, 2016

.@BernieSanders won AGAIN & Screwed AGAIN. #RollCallVote #DemExit #DemWalkOut #DemsinPHL #DemConvention

— #BernieOrJill (ZUMA) (@NeilYoungSaveUs) July 27, 2016

Although Sanders reportedly won the first roll call, the vote excluded superdelegates, which Clinton held in strong numbers. Therefore, it seems the first roll call was not valid as superdelegates were not included. However, supporters say they are angry that the roll call was not reported and that the DNC barred filming of the AM roll call that supported Sanders.

Despite the early win for the Sanders supporters, it was very clear throughout the convention that the event was catered towards unifying the party for Clinton. However, the unification didn't pan out exactly as the Democrats had hoped. Following the official nomination of Clinton, Sanders delegates staged a walkout that left the convention center looking remarkably bare.

Video footage from the event shows large areas of the convention center empty following the protest. Despite the large protest, Democrats attempted to make claims of unity by noting without statistical evidence that 90 percent of Bernie Sanders supporters would vote for Hillary come November. However, Bernie Sanders supporters aren't buying those numbers and say they will prove it when millions exit the Democratic Party in the coming weeks.

— Dakota Patterson (@Mrnickles11) July 26, 2016

What do you think about the Democratic National Convention and the Bernie Sanders protests? With Sanders name still in the running during the convention, was the DNC overstepping by focusing the convention solely on Hillary? How do you feel about the fact that Sanders won the first roll call but was still not presented as a viable candidate during the convention? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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