Rob Kardashian Falls Back Into Depression After Blac Chyna Split: Has ‘KUWTK Wedding Been Called Off?

Rob Kardashian has fallen into depression following his recent breakup with Blac Chyna, Hollywood Life has alleged.

While the twosome is rumored to have rekindled their love for one another, according to Us Weekly, their feud over the weekend left quite the impression on Rob, one that would evidently send the reality star into depression mode. According to sources, Rob’s mood has been down for some time, and it’s only a matter of time before he completely hits rock bottom.

As previously reported, the TV star has struggled with his depression since 2012. After meeting Blac Chyna in January, Rob said the mother of one really gave him the confidence he needed at a time when he felt most vulnerable to everyone around him, which eventually led to the duo hooking up and announcing their relationship on social media.

Six months later, Chyna and Rob are engaged and reveal they are expecting a child together. However, recent reports have claimed that Kardashian and his fiancée have been fighting a lot. One source alleged that Blac’s hormones have been all over the place in recent weeks due to her pregnancy, consequently leading her to act irrationally towards Rob at times.

The soon-to-be father even went on to post a Snapchat video of himself, telling his followers that Chyna had scratched him to the point where he started bleeding. He ended the clip by calling the socialite a “psychotic b****.”

Hollywood Life is alleging that all the drama Rob has been going through with Blac has slowly but surely led him back to a dark place — one he most certainly didn’t want to go back to, but he can’t help the way he’s currently feeling, a source adds.

“Rob has tucked back down the rabbit hole and has fallen back into depression again,” the insider reveals. “It has been the result of a lot of stress from his relationship, impending fatherhood and shooting his new show.”

“He saw the light for a little while but now he has gone back into where he has been in the past and this time Blac [Chyna] may not be able to save him. All the progress he has made last year has evaporated. He is beginning to eat unhealthy again and he is in a depressed state again.”

As the outlet already mentions, Rob Kardashian’s journey to a healthier lifestyle has actually reversed; the 29-year-old is back to binge eating and drinking. The fact that Rob is still showing his face out in public is a miracle since the USC graduate hid away from photographers for three years over his weight gain battle.

The weight Rob initially lost is beginning to come back, and from what sources have alleged, it’s beginning to look as if it’s only a matter of time before Kardashian is back to secluding himself from his siblings. The 29-year-old’s family members won’t know how to deal with another one of Rob’s meltdowns, especially now that he’s expecting his first child with the woman he once claimed was the love of her life.

From what has been gathered, Rob and Chyna are very much still together. The twosome have been filming their forthcoming reality show on E! this past month, which is believed to have been one of the reasons why the couple has been arguing so much lately.

Blac is heavily pregnant, and the idea of having cameras follow her every move has stressed her out at times. E! has yet to announce an official premiere date for the forthcoming show.

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