Inside The Democratic National Convention: Why Michelle Obama’s DNC Speech Basically Stated Hillary Clinton’s Case, What Donald Trump Thought Of First Lady’s Discourse

Michelle Obama DNC Speech

Michelle Obama has come a long way since 2008. Obama was one of the most widely-anticipated speakers at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, where her speech touched on a variety of issues and came out in support of Hillary Clinton’s Presidential ambitions. Michelle discussed how her husband was the first African-American President of the United States and expressed her approval of a first-time woman President as well.

Hillary Clinton became the presumptive Democratic Party nominee for President after her opponent, Senator Bernie Sanders, dropped from the race. Sanders himself has since expressed support for Hillary as well, and many Democratic Party hardliners see Clinton as the only alternative to a Donald Trump White House.

Michelle Obama DNC Speech
Hillary has, of course, also had the support of her husband, former President Bill Clinton. Ex-President Clinton has spoken numerous times on behalf of his wife, and Hillary has also promised to put her husband in charge of reviving a flailing economy.

Michelle’s speech touted Hillary as “steady” and strong under pressure, as the Independent noticed. Michelle also made various allusions to husband Barack Obama’s inauguration as President in 2008, saying he’d handled the country with “decency and grace.”

Michelle Obama DNC Speech
Now, onto the billion dollar question: what did the Donald think of Michelle Obama’s speech? The outspoken billionaire has shaded everyone from Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to fellow Republicans like Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan. Interestingly enough, though, The Don seemed to approve of Michelle’s speech at the Convention. Trump even paid Obama a compliment. Hollywood Reporter got the details on Trump’s feelings about the Democratic National Convention speech.

“I thought her delivery was excellent,” Trump tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I thought she did a very good job. I liked her speech.”

Other big names from outside the political world also appeared at the Democratic Party’s National Convention in Philadelphia. Actress Eva Longoria fought for Hillary, as did Director Elizabeth Banks (“Pitch Perfect”). Banks and several other famous names from Hollywood even made an awesome “Fight Song” cover in support of a Clinton White House.

It’s true that Clinton has the political experience that The Don lacks. During the first term of President Obama’s campaign, Hillary served as Secretary of State for the White House. Her foreign policy ideas would ramp up the fight against ISIS by striking at infrastructure and financial assets which are valuable–if not vital–to the terrorist organization.

Democrats have been stressing party unity ever since Bernie Sanders withdrew from the race and threw his support to Hillary. Michelle seems to embody this message, possibly hoping to convince people Democrats have it more together than Republicans in 2016. Obama’s convention speech also threw in a subtle hit at Donald Trump. The Chicago Tribune quoted Obama as saying that this country was already the greatest on Earth. clearly a reference to Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

Michelle also threw some stranger, more obscure references into the mix during the DNC speech. Mrs. Obama pointed out the fact that the White House was built by slaves and discussed how she enjoyed seeing her two “…beautiful, strong daughters” grow up. Obama then linked the opportunities her daughters will have as women to how great America is and painted Hillary Clinton as being part of the snowball of social momentum. Michelle also dubbed Hillary a good role model during the DNC speech.

President Obama and Vice President Biden will also be speaking on behalf of Hillary at the Democratic National Convention tonight, as Fox8 discovered. It seems most Democrats have followed Michelle’s lead and rallied behind Hillary, though she will still likely face opposition from across the aisle. Let us know what you think of Michelle Obama’s speech at the DNC below.

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