Netflix News: ‘Black Mirror’ And Other Originals Releasing Soon [Video]

Netflix is about to unleash a whole news season of the hit British thriller series, Black Mirror. The series, which originated on British television, has such an intense and disturbing undertone to the episodes that it has drawn critical appraise from fans and critics alike.

For those who have been following Black Mirror on Netflix, then you already know that the show is an anthology series that features a different storyline with different actors in each episode. Most of the actors have top name status in Hollywood and the British film society. That includes Jon Hamm from AMC’s Mad Men.

Besides Black Mirror coming out on Netflix, the streaming video buffet platform also has a host of other new originals that are set to premiere soon, according to Variety. Those titles include the second half of Season 1 of The Ranch, Easy, Chef’s Table, Lovesick, Beat Bugs, Gilmore Girls, Captive, and One Day at a Time.

Netflix has also released the premiere dates for all new original shows on their streaming buffet.

Easy – September 22.

The Ranch – October 7. (Part 2 of Season 1)

Lovesick – November 10.

Beat Bugs – November 18.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life – November 25.

Captive – December 9.

One Day at a Time – January 6, 2017

Fans that have been waiting on the newest season of Black Mirror on Netflix, then your wait will be over on October 21, just in time for Halloween this year.

In the last batch of the newest episodes of Black Mirror on Netflix, Jon Hamm played a major role in the episodes, giving fans a lethal dose of his more criminal side. But in a future where technology can take you to a whole new dimension, almost like a Twilight Zone, Hamm’s character gets a healthy dose of justice that leaves him quite incarcerated out in the open public.

The new season of Black Mirror on Netflix includes episodes that have guest stars like Mackenzie Davis (Halt and Catch Fire), Jerome Flynn, Bruce Dallas Howard, Alice Eve, Michael Kelly, Madeline Brewer, Kelly MacDonald, Wyatt Russell, and Malachi Kirby.

Netflix will also be bringing six episodes of Black Mirror this year, as opposed to the classically shortened British seasons of three to four episodes. TV Line reports that the episodes titles have been released as well. They include “San Junipero,” “Shut Up and Dance,” “Nosedive,” “Men Against Fire,” “Hated in the Nation,” and “Playtest.”

Some of the hallmark styles from Black Mirror have also been brought back for this new season, and they have been described by series producers as being “crazier, badder and closer to real life than ever.”

In the past, Black Mirror has featured some truly disturbing content. When viewers in the U.S. first tuned into Black Mirror on Netflix, that first episode really set a high standard for the series in terms of unnerving reality in a not too distant future.

Black Mirror started off with a Prime Minister in England being forced into making a conscious decision to have sexual intercourse with a pig. The demands were placed on him by a man, or a group of men, who had kidnapped a member of the royal family and started to send body parts to the British government until their demand was met. That one and only demand was for the Prime Minister to have sex with a pig on live television.

There was also an episode where a man and his wife had acquaintances and during a dinner party, they were able to replay the events of their lives through cameras that had been embedded in their eyes. Needless to say, not everything in a person’s life should be broadcast to a sensitive public.

Watch the new season of Black Mirror on Netflix starting on October 21.

[Image via Netflix]