‘Bachelorette’ Robby Hayes Accuses Ex And Chad Johnson Of Working Together To Slander Him

Robby Hayes wasn’t pleased to hear what Chad Johnson said about him on The Bachelorette: Men Tell All. As the special aired on Tuesday night, Robby, one of the final two contestants for JoJo Fletcher’s heart, the other being Jordan Rodgers, responded via social media to Chad’s accusation that he broke up with his ex to be on the show and threatened her to keep quiet.

Robby accused his ex and Chad of working together to spread lies about him. Robby maintained that Chad’s accusations are slander.

Robby’s mom came to his defense. Holly, whom viewers saw and JoJo met during his hometown date, called Chad “a liar and vile” person. She cheered on JoJo for taking the high road with Chad on the special.


Robby’s mom also called Chad, whom she feels sorry for, “disrespectful and hateful.” According to her, the family has never threatened anyone.

As the special aired, Chad continue to claim that Robby and his family threatened his ex, Hope, to keep quiet. He shared a tweet from a radio host who tweeted that Chad is right. According to Catalina from the Jacksonville, Florida radio station 97.9 Kiss FM, Hope canceled her interview with her after Robby and allegedly his family threatened her.

Chad responded that he never lies.

When someone asked Catalina why she believes Hope, Catalina responded that she has done character research on Hope. According to Catalina, Hope hasn’t taken any money for interviews or appearances.

As expected, The Bachelorette: Men Tell All special devoted a lot of time to Chad Johnson. While Chad never made it to the big overseas trip and the hometown dates portion, Chad made quite an impression with viewers and caused a lot of controversy due to his odd and threatening behavior, ego and unfiltered mouth. Since viewers saw JoJo Fletcher send him home after he confirmed that the told Jordan Rodgers in a threatening manner that he was going to find him after the show ended, Chad has continued to poke fun of and lash out at the other men via social media.

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On the Men Tell All special, where Chad got to have a seat on the stage with host Chris Harrison while a security guard stood nearby, Chad continued provoke the ire of the other men by giving insults, making fun of them and claiming to have “dirt” on some of them. He also had quite a lot to say about both Jordan and Robby Hayes, the two remaining men on The Bachelorette after JoJo sent Luke Wells and Chase McNary home.

Chad said that Jordan was a “liar, cheater whose own older brother won’t even talk to him,” referencing Jordan’s estrangement from his older brother, professional football quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Chad also said that Jordan was looking to parlay his Bachelorette fame into a broadcasting gig.

Also according to Chad, who boasted about getting cozy with Robby’s ex after the show wrapped up filming, Robby broke up with Hope “days before filming.” Chad added that Robby threatened Hope to not do any interviews about their relationship.

Viewers of the show had already heard about Hope a lot before. Early on in the season, Robby revealed that his relationship with Hope ended not too long ago. When JoJo asked if he’s truly ready for a new relationship, Robby maintained that he was and that his relationship with Hope should have ended sooner. During his hometown date, Robby’s mom pulled him aside and told him that a roommate of Hope’s was spreading rumors around about him, claiming that he broke up with Hope in hopes of being on The Bachelorette. When Robby, wanting JoJo to not hear about it from anyone else other than him, immediately told JoJo what his mom said, JoJo asked that he tell her the truth. Robby continued to say that he did not break up with Hope just to be on the show.


Hope isn’t the only thing that is making some viewers wonder whether Robby is really just hungry for fame. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise alum Jade Roper tweeted several weeks ago that one of JoJo’s guys was trying to pay her and her husband, Tanner Tolbert, to promote him on social media. Spoiler blogger Reality Steve named Robby as the guilty person.

Despite what Chad Johnson was saying, JoJo paid him no mind. She said that she wasn’t going to waste her time with him.

“I could go off right now. But it’s not even worth my time. He loves the attention, and we’re giving it to him – so he’s not even worth my breath.”

At that, all of the men stood up and gave JoJo a standing ovation.

Who will JoJo Fletcher end up with at the end of the finale episode, which airs next week? Will it be Jordan Rodgers or Robby Hayes? JoJo would only tell Chris Harrison that she’s “really happy” with how things turned out.

“I had a really amazing journey. I’m just really happy with how things ended and where I’m at right now.”

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