‘Arrow’ Season 5 Will Still Have Flashbacks: Laurel Lance To Appear?

Despite the five-year period on the island coming to an end, Arrow Season 5 will still likely have plenty of flashbacks. With Katie Cassidy set to return to the show, it is possible that these flashbacks will surround Laurel Lance.

Oliver Queen still feels guilty about Laurel’s death, if the Arrow Season 5 trailer is anything to judge. He knows that she was a better person than he will ever be, and worries that he will never make her proud. He has to keep the city of Starling safe in his own way, and tells her headstone that in the trailer.

The showrunners have already promised that the show will go back to its roots. The Inquisitr has reported that it will do some of that by linking this season’s villain to Oliver’s Season 1 storyline. Prometheus will have been created accidentally by Oliver Queen. Now, the showrunners say that there will be flashbacks, despite the island storyline catching up with the start of Arrow this season.

Some of those flashbacks will likely contain Laurel Lance, who is set to feature in Arrow Season 5, despite being killed off last year. Many fans hope that she will not be resurrected in the same way that her sister was. Resurrecting yet another character will take away any chance of realism in the show.

Flashbacks with Laurel have been used in the past. She was seen with her parents and Sarah, just before Sarah went onto Ollie’s boat. There have also been flashbacks of her with Oliver just before he left for the boat trip that led to his time on the island. Will the next flashbacks be linked to conversations between Oliver and Laurel, as he tries to figure out what to do next?

Cassidy will not likely come back to Arrow full-time, hinting that she will not be resurrected. She has signed on for both The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. With the latter, it is possible that this will be in flashback or time travel form, considering the setup of the show. With The Flash, there are two options.

The Black Siren was introduced in The Flash Season 2 finale. Is it possible that this character will be brought back in the Flashpoint universe? It could also be possible that Laurel’s character is still alive in this universe, considering so many other changes that have been noted in the Season 3 trailer.

Even with the island storyline coming to an end, the showrunners say that flashbacks are still possible in Arrow, according to ScreenCrush. This will likely be centered around other periods in Oliver’s life from Season 6 onwards. This is presumptuous of the show, as the CW has not renewed it past Season 5, yet. As long as ratings remain as they are, it is likely that all four DC shows will be renewed for another year at least.

At the moment, there are still a lot of questions regarding Oliver’s life on the island. He still doesn’t have the Bratva tattoo, which suggests there is still something more with the Russian mob storyline. This will have to come up sometime during this upcoming season. The trailer does hint that the Russian mob will make a reappearance based on the trailer.

Arrow will see new characters join the team, as Oliver realizes that he needs to train some protégées. Felicity will help to point him in the right direction, as Diggle and Thea take steps back. Thea will get a day job helping Oliver succeed as Mayor, while Diggle’s storyline will be impacted by The Flash timeline change.

Arrow Season 5 premieres on Wednesday, October 5, 2016 at 8 p.m. on the CW.

[Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]