Donald Trump: Is He Going To Be Holding An AMA On Reddit During The DNC?

According to Cnet Donald Trump may be going to try and upstage the DNC by hosting an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit? According to a press release making the rounds on Twitter and the r/TheDonald subreddit, it appears that he is.

Donald Trump himself has not officially mentioned that he will be doing the AMA and the event is not on the schedule on his website. He has also not addressed the media to deny that he will not be participating on Reddit. Based on how tied into Twitter that Donald Trump is, it is hard to imagine that he has not seen the cyber firestorm that has struck the internet when this story broke.

Trump AMA [Image Via r/TheDonald]If this does happen, the actual subreddit that Trump will be holding his AMA at is the one that his supporters and fans appropriately named r/TheDonald as opposed to the typical AMA subreddit, r/IAMA. According the advertisement on r/TheDonald, questions for Donald Trump will begin at 7:00 p.m. EST., this Wednesday night. There is no time listed as to when the AMA session will end.

Based on reactions on social media, having Trump host an AMA session is something that has people excited. Reactions from Twitter users, after hearing about the potential for a Trump AMA, began appearing instantly.

In previous election years, it has been customary for the candidates to stay out of the spotlight while the other candidate is having their convention. With as chaotic and unpredictable as this election year has been, it is no surprise that previous customs have been thrown out the window. Aside from Thursday night, when Hillary will accept the nomination, Wednesday night could be the biggest night based on the fact that Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama are the main prime time speakers. Trump will potentially be going head to head with them while he is doing the Reddit AMA.

Donald Trump and his campaign have made their presence known on the internet and on social media. For many, it would not come as a surprise to see Trump attempt to use another one of the internet’s largest social media platforms in order to get his message out to more people. Hosting an AMA on Reddit would be a great way to connect with Millennials.

Trump received the standard bump in the polls that follow national conventions. The bump that Trump received was six points which allowed Trump to take a three-point lead over Hillary. Another new poll that polled Independents shows that Trump has opened up a 13-point lead against Hillary with that particular demographic.

Trump may be looking to take to Reddit in order to keep his name fresh in the media and in order to keep, or expand, his lead over Hillary. He will for sure be not taking this week off. Trump has campaign stops set up in North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Colorado, and Arizona. These states are vital due to the fact that they are all swing states. Many of the political experts claim that these handfuls of states are going to be where the election will be determined.

If he does end up holding a Reddit AMA session at r/TheDonald, will you be participating? If you could ask Donald Trump one question, what would it be?

[Image Via Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]