Amal Alamuddin: Quitting Law Firm To Become Fashion Designer For George Clooney?

Amal Alamuddin could potentially be quitting her job as a lawyer in the hopes of making it big as a celebrity fashion designer, it has been alleged.

The stunning 38-year-old has left quite the impression among fashion designers all over the world after it was revealed that the majority of gowns and dresses she wears at red carpet events are styled and collaborated choices of her own.

It is believed that whenever Amal has a public appearance with her husband, George Clooney, she makes sure that she contributes something to the dress she’s wearing. This usually ranges from making adjustments to the way the dress looks to its overall length, size, and style.

Designers have reportedly been so impressed by some of Amal’s contributions that they think she’d make the perfect fit as a full-time a fashion creator, with the likes of Oscar de la Renta’s creative director, Peter Copping, having already reached out to Alamuddin with an astounding offer.

Celeb Dirty Laundry alleges that Amal Alamuddin has always been obsessed with fashion and being hands-on with her red carpet dresses, but working as a full-time designer has never been something she’s considered before. And while she loves being a lawyer out in London, becoming a stylist could potentially be her next step if everything goes according to plan.

“Amal has long been obsessed with clothes, but she never considered working in the fashion industry,” a source explained, according to Hofmag. “Since finding herself in the spotlight, she’s collaborated with designers who have created custom-made pieces, and had a very hands-on role.”

Amal has supposedly acknowledged all the attention she has received from the fashion houses. Designing is just as much of her passion as being a lawyer, but whether she will eventually give up her law firm to become a stylist is still something that remains to be debatable.

“She’s love to develop these working relationships further but doesn’t want it to distract from her day job at Doughty Street Chambers. Her life is already one huge balancing act,” the source continued, making it known that Amal Alamuddin’s lifestyle is hectic as it is.

From what insiders have gathered, Amal seems to be hesitant to the idea of becoming a designer, because she doesn’t know whether she’ll succeed in it as much as she has with being one a lawyer.

While designing gowns and dresses seems to keep her occupied when gearing up the next thing she’ll wear at a primetime event, giving up something she has worked for her entire life would be a reckless decision to make on her behalf.

With that said, Oscar de la Renta is a well-respected fashion house, another source gushed, putting Amal in the right hands to really kick off what could end up becoming a fashion takeover for George Clooney’s wife.

As of yet, Amal Alamuddin has not signed on to anything that would see her working with any fashion designers. Her main priority now is making sure to keep her own law firm running smoothly while juggling being the wife to one of the biggest actors in Hollywood.

What do you make of reports claiming that Amal Alamuddin could potentially leave her law firm to become a fashion designer in the future?

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]