Taylor Swift Fat-Shames Selena Gomez And Disses Justin Bieber? Beyonce, Katy Perry Better At Friendship Than Taylor [Report]

Taylor Swift’s girl squad may be in trouble — friends like Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne are rumored to be fed up with Swift’s “queen bee” behavior, reports Hollywood Gossip.

One insider says Swift has embraced her inner Regina George and has started putting the other girls down as part of her “self-obsessed queen bee” routine.

The mag claims to have spoken to a squad insider, who said that Taylor Swift has become “so huge she really believes she’s above average-looking people.”

Ace Showbiz reports that even “OG” Girl Squad member Selena Gomez wants to cut ties with Taylor. It seems Taylor has been saying some nasty stuff about Selena’s weight and choice of boyfriends behind Selena’s back, and Gomez recently found out about it.

“Selena recently found out some pretty horrible stuff Taylor has said about her, including about her weight and choice of boyfriends.”

Outlets have long been reporting that Taylor Swift disapproved of Selena Gomez’s long-term on-off relationship with Justin Bieber.

iDigital Times reported that Taylor was “disgusted” when Selena reunited with Justin Bieber at the Billboard Music Awards in 2013. Hollywood Life claimed earlier this year that Justin Bieber “blames Taylor Swift” for the relationship problems he has had with Selena Gomez.

“Justin Bieber will never ever be friends with Taylor Swift, and he thinks some of the issues he still has with Selena Gomez are a direct result of Tay-Tay’s meddling.”

Justin reportedly decided not to speak about his own dislike for Taylor Swift because he did not want to suffer any backlash.

“Justin knows Taylor doesn’t like him and never will and the feeling is mutual, but he is smart enough to know not to say anything in public or on social media because he knows all the scrutiny he’d endure,” a source told Hollywood Life.

Interestingly, Taylor’s most recent attackers, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, are known to be good friends with Justin Bieber. Justin did not want to say anything about Taylor in public, but perhaps he shared notes about Taylor with Kim and Kanye, encouraging them to carry out their career-damaging Taylor Swift exposé.

Selena has had some harsh words to say about Taylor Swift this week too. Gomez reportedly took Calvin Harris’ side in the post-breakup feud with Taylor, and said that she doesn’t think Taylor’s new man, Tom Hiddleston, is hot.

“Taylor blew up after Selena took Calvin Harris’ side in their ugly breakup. Things only got worse between the pals when Selena dubbed Taylor’s new flame, Tom Hiddleston, a fizzle.”

Not only that, Selena Gomez implied that Taylor made a huge mistake in leaving Calvin Harris behind. Selena apparently said that she herself would love to date Calvin, reports Hollywood Life.

“Selena has always had her eye on Calvin. Selena’s told friends she believes she and Calvin would make a perfect match. She always thought Taylor just wasn’t right for him and the breakup confirmed that in her mind. She says she and Calvin would make a better couple.”

Ace Showbiz reports that Taylor demands complete loyalty from people around her. Perhaps the queen bee of the squad attacked Selena’s weight and men (i.e. Justin Bieber) to get back at Selena after Selena criticized Taylor’s own choice of Tom Hiddleston. Taylor Swift might even have said something like, “Calvin wouldn’t go for Selena, he likes skinny girls.” What a meanie!

“Taylor demands loyalty from everyone around her. From employees to friends – you don’t break Taylor’s code. Selena did, and it looks like she’s paying the price.”

The Hollywood Gossip report does not reveal who the source was, but insists it was a “squad insider.” It sounds like there is more than one disloyal lady in Taylor Swift’s girl squad who is willing to follow Kim Kardashian and Calvin Harris’ lead and spill some secrets about the Grammy-winner.

The report jokes that the squad source “should probably go into hiding ASAP.”

Kendall Jenner was also rumored to have been kicked out of the Taylor Swift squad recently because of her ties to Kim and Kanye, reports Hollywood Gossip.

Taylor is no friend to women, according to the report. An insider told the mag that Taylor Swift “tells on” her female friends to their boyfriends!

Apparently Swift is the type of person “who will see a friend have three drinks and tattle to her boyfriend that she’s an alcoholic.”

A Cosmopolitan think-piece argues that Taylor Swift seems to view her female friends as accessories, like attractive handbags, whereas stars like Beyonce appear more genuine in their efforts to celebrate other women and showcase their strength and talent.

“Beyoncé, on the other hand, is no stranger to surrounding herself with powerful women either, but does so off the red carpet and largely off social media: They appear alongside her in music videos or live performances, where she proudly showcases the incredible talents of female dancers and musicians.”

The Hollywood Gossip agrees that Taylor Swift seems to regard her beautiful friends as status symbols, the same way a rapper regards his Bentley or bling-encrusted watch.

The mag sends a shout-out to Taylor’s nemesis Katy Perry, saying “We bet Katy Perry is totally friends with, like, ugly people and stuff.”

“Every rapper with a hit single to his name has a Bentley, but who has living, leggy accessories to accompany them to events just so they can pose for better photos than anyone else. Just Taylor, that’s who. We bet Katy Perry is totally friends with, like, ugly people and stuff.”

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