Comic-Con: ‘Prison Break’ Actor Dominic Purcell Happy To Be Back On Set After Injury

Prison Break is coming back to our screens next spring, but the return of one of the most popular TV shows of all time has not been an easy ride. One of Prison Break’s lead actors, Dominic Purcell (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash), got injured while shooting a scene in Morocco, prompting the show creators and producers to halt the filming to allow their valued asset some recovery time.

And while it didn’t take long before Purcell was ready to resume his role in the Fox TV series, his injuries required several stitches and a compassionate support from his girlfriend, AnnaLynne McCord (90210) his friend and “brother” Wentworth Miller (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash), as well as the producers and Fox during a two-week period.


Purcell revealed to the world how supportive the whole team was during the challenging time and thanked AnnaLynne, Wentworth, and the showrunners during the San Diego 2016 Comic-Con.

“I want to thank my girlfriend AnnaLynne McCord for being there when it happened. She flew in. She was there to calm me. And (I want to thank) Wentworth of course, his continued support, making sure that things were taken off, as well as the producers and Fox for really looking after me, changing the schedule and letting me take a break,” Deadline reported.

Fellow Prison Break actor and close friend Wentworth Miller was quick to back Purcell’s resilience and determination, saying that “it was upsetting, the man is my brother in every way, and it’s a testament to his fortitude, that he was back at work in a short amount of time.”


Warning: Potential spoilers ahead.

Purcell got injured in early June, suffering a broken nose, a huge gash on top of his head, and several minor cuts on his arms and face, which required nearly 200 stitches. He got injured while shooting a scene that showed him (Lincoln Burrows) running to a prison to look for his brother Wentworth (Michael Scofield) while the guards were running out. It was reported in June that an iron bar fell on his head when a set piece was dislodged.

Since then, Fox has yet to shoot any more episodes of the reboot of the nine-episode series. However, it is believed that more scenes will be shot in a month’s time. Reports also suggest that the recently released scene shows Scofield in a Yemen prison and about do what he does best: breaking out of prison. It is also reported that a prisoner next to him identifies him as being gay, which means that based on the laws of the land, he is likely to get 20 more years in prison.


This triggers more questions about Scofield’s role. While in real life he is actually gay, he usually plays it straight in films and TV shows. Are we about to see him take a role akin to his real life situation for the very first time? This would be very interesting.

It is also good to note that in Prison Break, Scofield is married to Dr. Sarah Tancredi (Sarah Wayne Callies), and they have a son together Scofield has never met. How does their relationship shape out following the new revelations? Is Scofield’s new gay thing something he picked up at that Yemeni prison that he could get rid off once he breaks out?


Either way, the Prison Break reboot is anxiously awaited by fans, and given the show’s first trailer alongside a barrage of plot theories and teasers, it is bound to be exciting. The new Prison Break will also feature a good number of characters from the show’s previous season, which aired in 2009 with the likes of Paul Adelstein, Robert Knepper, Amaury Nolasco, and Rockmond Dunbar expected to join Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller, among others.

[Image via Fox]