Fox News Host ‘Pranked’ On Air By ‘Former Obama Supporter’

Fox News host Gretchen Carlson brought in a “former Obama supporter” for an interview with Fox & Friends Monday morning to ask why the young recent college grad had jumped the electoral ship for the Romney/Ryan ticket. The interview was probably meant to show the disillusionment with Obama’s administration by young voters but turned into a farcical display leading some to believe the Fox host may have been pranked by the young man.

Max Rice, a recent college graduate and unemployed young adult, recently moved out of his parent’s basement and on to national television when he was invited to give an interview on Fox & Friends with host Gretchen Carlson. Rice apparently had decided to switch his vote from Obama to Romney in the coming election season, which was meant to be the subject of the interview. Turns out, Rice may have been trolling Fox News all along, as he gave an eccentric interview, putting host Carlson in an increasingly uncomfortable position.

Rice began by calling Carlson “Miss USA,” to which she corrected “Miss America,” causing Rice to confess, “Miss Universe in my book.” As far as introductions go, you could do worse than flattery. When asked why he was switching his vote from Obama to Romney, Rice responded that he was voting for Romney after losing a basketball game to a friend, whom he described as “a huge supporter of this show.”

Carlson grew quiet, now well-aware that she wasn’t going to get the interview she’d hoped for.

“Are you being serious about this interview or not?” she asked.

Though he stressed that he was giving a serious interview, Carlson decided to cut the segment short, telling Rice that he’s “not ready for primetime.”

The whole thing was pretty strange, though we don’t believe Carlson was being deliberately pranked. Rice didn’t seem to have the wit, cunning, or presence of mind to pull such a thing off. In fact, he appeared to be high as a kite during the interview, but, whether you like Fox News, President Obama, Mitt Romney, or none of the above, the interview should give you a chuckle.

Here’s Max Rice’s Fox News interview with Gretchen Carlson courtesy of Mediaite: