Fox News Host Walks Off Live Set After Co-Host’s Sexist Comments

Fox News host Gretchen Carlson stormed off the set Thursday following sexist remarks made by her co-host, but was her departure in good humor or the result of genuine offense?

Gretchen Carlson and Brian Kilmeade host Fox and Friends, and according to the Examiner, Kilmeade has quite a history of inappropriate jokes against women. The morning show hosts watched a segment on the U.S. Navy Sea Chanters presented by Steve Doocy, a the group was all-male until 1980, pointed out Doocy.

“Women are everywhere,” Kilmeade incredulously replied, “We’re letting them play golf and tennis now. It’s out of control.”

That was about all Gretchen Carlson was willing to listen to, as she then stood up and began walking off the set during a live broadcast. “You know what?” she called out as she left, “You know what? You read the headlines, since men are so great. Go ahead.”

“Finally!” Kilmeade shouted back, adding, “leaving an all-male crew.”

“In all your glory, go for it!” Carlson said as she left. Kilmeade shrugged, “eh, she needed a shower.”

Though Carlson was smiling as she walked off the set, and even remained in the wings, chiding Kilmeade as he read the headlines by himself, many in the media have viewed this as a sexist incident on the part of Fox News host Brian Kilmeade. Carlson later returned to the set and continued the “sexist” banter with Kilmeade, though it seemed, at this point, to be a joke.

So was it?

The next day, Carlson was back on the show saying that it was all just a joke and trying to play it off.

I don’t know. Here’s the video, what do you think? Was Gretchen Carlson genuinely offended? Did Brian Kilmeade cross the line?

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